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Monica + Andy x Danielle Moss for Alex's Lemonade

Monica + Andy x Danielle Moss for Alex's Lemonade

To squeeze even more out of summer -- and share love to those that need it most -- we're bringing back our top-selling Lemonade Stand print. This time, it's for a special cause.

We teamed up with our good friend and Co-founder of The Everygirl Media Group and Anecdote, Danielle Moss to bring awareness to Alex's Lemonade, a nonprofit whose mission it is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. 

Danielle’s daughter Margot was diagnosed with leukemia at just 22-months old in 2020 and now Danielle is dedicated to the cause. To show our support, we’re donating a portion of all proceeds of the print! Read on for Danielle's story in her own words and make sure to check out her website, daniellemoss.com for more information on how you can support someone after a cancer diagnosis  

My name is Danielle Moss. I'm a content creator and cofounder of The Everymom, The Everygirl, and Anecdote. But most important, I'm a mom. And on May 16, 2020, I went through the unimaginable when just months before her 2nd birthday, my daughter Margot was diagnosed with ALL B Cell Leukemia. 

The doctor came into the room and said "I'm so sorry" and in that moment, our lives would never be the same. Somehow, we are the lucky ones. ALL B is highly treatable. We have amazing health insurance and were able to afford to take time off to get her through treatment.  

It was rough to say the least, but we made it through the hardest part. Her prognosis is incredible – we know how differently this could have gone for our family.  Childhood cancer is severely underfunded – it receives only 4% of the billions of dollars that the government spends on cancer research. Why? Mostly because these drugs aren't profitable, so children are getting the same drugs given to adults. Some of the drugs my daughter received were developed (for adults) in the 70s. I hear from a mom of a newly diagnosed child every 1-2 weeks. It isn't rare, and our children deserve so much more. Since Margot's diagnosis, I've done everything I can to help make things better for other kids and their families.

My friends at Monica and Andy relaunched their lemonade print and offered to give a % of each sale to one of my favorite organizations, Alex's Lemonade Stand. To date, I've raised almost $120,000 – $33,000 of that went to Alex's – those dollars help families through treatment, and fund crucial research grants for better treatment options for our kids. My girls have been wearing Monica and Andy since they were born. I can't say enough good things about the brand (really, every parent needs those on-the-go onesies ), and it is truly an honor to be able to partner in such a meaningful way. 

Thank you to my friend Monica for helping us make a difference for other families going through treatment. For helping fund life-saving research. We are so grateful. 

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