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Must-Have Baby Products (You’ve Never Heard Of)

Must-Have Baby Products (You’ve Never Heard Of)

With a baby comes thousands of new products to consider—and purchase. There are the obvious ones you’ll need to add into the mix (hello, carseat), but what about the items you didn’t know you needed (or even know existed for that matter!)?

That’s where we come in. One of the perks of working for a company teeming with moms? Our good advice. Read on for our never-heard-of-that Monica + Andy approved must have baby products that will make your life so much easier.

Inno Baby 'Bathin Smart Bath Scrub' ($9.99)

'I always felt I could only use a bath sponge on my toddler a few times before it started to break down and feel like it was full of germs. This sponge is super gentle, antibacterial and can be sterilized. Best part? My daughter thinks it's a bath toy! ' - Jessie

7am Stroller Gloves ($39)

“These are a game changer for cold winter strolls with the kids. They are so super warm and you don’t have to worry about forgetting them because they are attached to the stroller at all times.” -Samantha

Bag Balm ($9.00)

“This is the miracle worker and life saver in my house since the days of diaper rashes. We had some very bad diaper rashes (some of the worst the pediatrician has ever seen!) and this was the only cream that worked to heal and prevent them. We still use it to this day for anything from chapped lips, dry skin, windy/cold/dry day check barrier, cuts and scrapes. It can cure anything!” - Alli

Doddle & Co “Pop Pacifier” ($9.99)

“Pure genius! Gone are the days of wiping off dropped pacifier nipples. This pacifier is made from 100% silicone and the nipple pops back into itself when it drops so it doesn’t touch the dirty floor.” - Lisa

Dockatot ($195)

“Our daughter slept in this every single night when she was a newborn and now she still takes naps and lounges in it. We even brought it on the plane once and put it on top of the tray tables for her to nap mid-flight. It’s been a lifesaver for us!” - Sam

The Baby Shusher Soother ($34.99)

“So key in getting any kid to sleep! I even have the app downloaded on my phone in case I forget it when traveling” - Carolyn

Burt’s Bees Natural Diaper Rash Ointment ($8.99)

“My daughter was the queen of diaper rash! This ointment not only did the trick and made her feel better, it also smelled so much better than all the other treatments out there.”

Blackout Pleated Paper Shades ($27.50)

“We were in an apartment when we had our daughter and didn’t want to invest in putting up new (and expensive!) blackout shades. These are so easy to put up -- just peel and stick to the top of your window -- and create a super dark room for a good night’s sleep. They also can easily be folded and packed to bring along on any trip.” - Lindsey

And for the older kids:

FridaBaby “The Toothhugger” ($9.99)

“Bedtime routines became a bit of battle each night as I would attempt to brush my daughter’s teeth. The toothhugger is genius. It hugs each tooth to clean all sides at once making the process each night a bit quicker!” - Monica

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