Black and white collage image of nurses wearing masks

A few weeks ago, we asked nurses, who are also parents, to share their stories with us. And hundreds responded. The M+A family is so grateful for all that they do. Read on for a few of our heroes in their own words. 

Andrea T. (Montgomery County, PA)

“I am an RN on the labor and delivery unit. I don’t think of myself as a hero or a warrior just someone trying to make a difference. And when this is over, and things go back to “normal”, that will still be my goal.” 

Nurse wearing face mask  

Krista D. (Litiz, PA)

“We take care of patients that need emergent cardiac care at all hours. Because of our need for a quick response, we often do not know if our patients are COVID-19 positive or not. But even during the pandemic, we fight for our patients and do the best job we can.” 


 Kelli B. (Chicago, IL)

“There is no fear like the unknown, and we don’t know what to expect. Through all this, I find comfort in my coworkers, solace in baby cuddles, and hope in knowing we will push through this!”

Mom holding baby with pacifier


 Shanna G (West Babylon, NY)

“I consider it a privilege to still be working, when so many others aren't. I consider it a blessing to see people recover and return to their families, and I consider it an honor to spend the last few minutes with someone who doesn't make it and can't have their family surrounding them.” 


 Kristina L. (Boston, MA)

“At the end of my 12+ hour shift, I shower at the hospital, put on a clean mask and clothes and go home to my family. I take every precaution to protect and care for them as I do for my own patients. I’m proud of the work of my team and I’m happy to have the opportunity to do my part to support our families, friends, and communities.”


Kim L. (Long Island, NY)

“When this crisis ends and life gets back to normal, I think we all will be forever changed...We’ll be better nurses for it. We will have a whole new appreciation for what we are capable of as nurses, as mothers, as supporters. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you are pushed as far as you can go, then told to go further.”