Little boy and baby playing together on the ground

There are treasures to discover everywhere–when you take the time to look closely! And what better way to do that on a warm day than with an outdoor scavenger hunt?

Why Do a Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger hunts are more than just a fun outdoor activity. They offer a unique blend of adventure and education, which is perfect for keeping kids entertained while teaching them valuable skills. Plus, they can be easily tailored to suit different age groups and interests.

Boosting Curiosity

During a scavenger hunt, your child will be inspired ask questions about the items on their list, which encourages them to find the joy in learning and exploring. This curiosity helps develop a lifelong love of learning, making every walk in the park an opportunity for discovery. 

Enhancing Attention to Detail

Finding specific items in a scavenger hunt requires kids to pay close attention to their surroundings. This sharpens their observational skills and helps them notice details they might otherwise overlook. Whether it’s a specific type of leaf or a unique rock, these small details enhance their understanding of the natural world.

Expanding Vocabulary

A scavenger hunt introduces kids to new words and concepts. Describing their findings and discussing helps expand their vocabulary and improve communication skills.

Encouraging Physical Activity

A scavenger hunt gets kids moving, running, and exploring their environment. This not only helps improve their physical health but also boosts their mood and energy levels.

Start Your Scavenger Hunt

Foster your little ones' sense of curiosity about the natural world with our fun Sunny Day Scavenger Hunt. Print off the picture at the bottom or save this list and take it to your backyard, park, or anywhere else you have the chance to stop and smell the roses.

Collecting each item is just the start of the fun. Continue the conversation afterward to help grow your family's appreciation of Mother Earth.

  • A rock that can fit in your hand
  • A stick as long as your arm
  • Something that smells good
  • Something that starts with the letter “F”
  • Something you can pick up with one finger
  • Something you can balance on your head
  • 3 different types of leaves
  • Something that is pink
  • A rock with different colors on it
  • Something you want to share with a friend

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