Meet the swaddle. Every new parent’s best friend/nemesis depending on the day. Just know this, you aren’t doing it right if you haven’t asked any or all of these questions: How do you swaddle? What’s the best wrapping technique? What’s the best swaddle blanket? Should I swaddle my baby during naps? How long should I keep my baby in a swaddle at night?

Read on to hear the best swaddling advice curated from our very own community of moms. And take note: they’ve got some great tips.

*As always, please consult with your pediatrician!

Grab a camera + record the experts

“We had our nurse swaddle our newborn and we video taped it. They have it down pat! I referred back to that video often! As a new mom it’s a hard technique to get perfect. ❤” -@scalamita1

Transition like a pro

“I swaddled until 3.5mos, as my daughter started to roll. Always trust your instincts, safety should be the priority when deciding when to stop swaddling. ❤ We have now transitioned to a wearable muslin baby blanket, which has offered similar sleep benefits to our lil babe!”

Soft and stretchy is key

“We swaddled until our babe could roll over. New mamas! Soft and stretchy blankets were KEY to our swaddling success! Get a few good swaddles and your on your way to some happy & cute baby burritos” - @nicole_ellis

The perfect equation

“Parenting = 50% Intuition, 30% Google, 20% Trial and Error. Every baby is unique, only you know your baby! We will swaddle until she breaks free or no longer enjoys it...right now Viv is loving life and basically lives in a swaddling blanket!” -@chrissyrufener

What to do with all those swaddling blankets…

“Swaddle until they turn into life size roly polies or begin Hulking out. Then continue to use swaddle blankets for play and keep around for travel.” - @apex_pred

Mamas (and experts!) Know Best

“I’m a mother baby nurse so my technical answer is that the American academy of pediatrics only recommends swaddling until 2 months of age now!! My daughter only liked being swaddled with her arms out, for about a month. 💓” -@shannonrusch89