Baby boy wearing sun glasses and laying on towels

The arrival of warmer days invites us to embrace afternoons at the beach, poolside gatherings, and unforgettable family vacations. For parents, this comes with the added consideration of how to keep your little ones safe in the sun. Gone are the days of diving right in–as you now want to check the labels for phrases like UPF coverage. But worry not! We'll help you make sense of sun safety guidelines and products for your kids. 

Choosing the Right Swimsuit

The best swimsuits not only look cute, but also protect the skin. For maximum protection, opt for swimsuits with UPF fabric, which acts as a shield against the sun. To cover more skin, look for rashguards, which often have long sleeves and high necklines. At Monica + Andy, our swimsuits are made with UPF 50+ material, so you can splash and play with confidence your little one's skin is protected.