'I'm so excited to swaddle my baby!' - said no expectant ever. We've all heard about how tricky it can be to master the art of the swaddle...and when you're a sleep-deprived new parent, the last thing you want is to be fumbling around with a blanket and a squirmy baby. But here's a pro tip for all the new and expectant parents out there: Swaddling doesn't have to suck. For one thing, it gets much easier over time, so your day one skills aren't indicative of what you can really do. For another, cute swaddle designs represent the perfect way to make a mundane parenting activity a bit more fun.

Whether you're draping it over a plain onesie to make an outfit or wrapping your babe for maximum coziness, picking a swaddle design that best represents your family's personality is the easiest way to make the act feel so much less tedious. Our lineup of blankets includes prints for every family's personality and preferences.

Need proof? It's right here. Oh, and if you need some help with the actual logistics of swaddling? We've got you covered. No pun intended.

If you like all things colorful, you'll love our Rainbow Elephant print. 

If you like all things Spring and baby, you'll love our Baby Farm Friends print.

If you like your dog (more than you like most people), you'll love our Puppy Love print.

If you like exploring and adventure, you'll love our Field Trip print.

If you like to keep it simple, you'll love our Yellow Gingham option.

If you like fresh blooms and pretty in pink, our Wildflower print is for you!


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