As the blogger behind Elizabeth Street Post and the Co-Founder of The Everygirl (the ultimate blog for career-driven women with more than 1 million unique visitors each month), we’d say Alaina Kaczmarski’s got this whole #Girlboss thing down pat. So when she let us know she was adding a new title to her resume—M-O-M—we were over the moon.

We teamed up with Alaina for her Gender Reveal (watch the video below), so we got to see her selections for both baby boys and girls. Plus, she shares the ins and outs of her pregnancy, her favorite pregnancy finds, and how she’s hoping to manage her baby and work.


On finding out you’re pregnant:
So we hadn’t really been trying to get pregnant because we had a big overseas trip coming up, so the plan was to really start in November after said trip. September came around and my cycle was a few days late, but that had happened before, and I had cramping (so I assumed it was due any minute), but I kept saying to Dan “what if?”

I waited a couple days, and then the night before we found out I watched two separate TV shows and both had pregnancy as the topic of conversation (Tamra on The Mindy Project and Pam on The Office), and I remember saying something as we were going to sleep “there are just all these baby vibes going on around me!” I woke up early the next morning and took a test. There was no waiting—the plus sign showed up immediately. I couldn’t believe it. I walked into the bedroom to wake Dan up and it went something along the lines of this:

“Dan?” A sleepy, disoriented Dan waking up and looking at me, seeing the stick in my hands. It was a simultaneous “I’m pregnant.” “You’re pregnant?” We hugged and kissed and let the surprising and wonderful news sink in. It was so much to process, and honestly quite unexpected. We knew our life was about to change forever–it’s a very surreal feeling! I remember saying “I just hope we’re this lucky.” I’ve seen so many friends go through a difficult time trying to get pregnant, so we’re just so so grateful and aware of how lucky we truly are.

Biggest pregnancy craving:
Fruit! I am loving green apples with peanut butter, strawberries on Special K, clementines, I eat blueberries by the container. I’m usually not a big fruit eater so I’ve definitely noticed that change!

On finding out the gender:
I knew there’d be no waiting. I was desperate to find out the gender AS EARLY as possible. We did the ten-week genetic testing (Harmony Test) that looks at the baby’s DNA and can determine the gender. We were doing a Gender Reveal box with Monica and Andy, but I was too impatient to wait for our next appointment, get the envelope, take it to the store, etc. So when they called with the news, we found out then and there. We later did a Gender Reveal box to share the news with all of my blog followers! (Watch the video above!) I wasn’t surprised at all and was fully expecting the news we got! Dan, on the other hand, was surprised and couldn’t believe it. Either way, we’re so excited, and so glad we found out! Makes it so much more real and easy to talk about and plan for.

The most surprising thing about being pregnant:
You never know how you’re going to feel when you wake up! I could have all the energy in the world one day, and feel like I was hit by a bus the next day. Go work out one day, and have stretching cramps the next! It’s crazy!

Has your beauty routine changed?
I am definitely trying to stick to more natural products. I rely heavily on products from Levert Beauty, Primally Pure, and Aesop.

Go-to pregnancy product:
I invested in two pairs of nice jeans that have maternity waistbands (dark blue wash and black distressed). I live in them. Also, I made the switch to no underwire bras around Christmas at which point the underwire started digging into the top of my tummy and my ribs. It was painful. LOVING this more cozy feel.

Favorite nursery items:
Too many to choose! I’ve had so much fun planning the nursery! I love the crib we chose from Serena & Lily. I’m excited for all of the blankets we registered for. And I love these beautiful knit dolls I’ll be putting in the nursery that also serve a great cause – one doll purchase provides 10 meals.

On your changing body:
It’s changing alright! Definitely worried about how large my chest is going to continue to get because I was busty to begin with, but I’ve really been trying to eat healthy, avoid the stereotypical pregnancy indulgences (when you eat an entire bag of chips or carton of ice cream), and walk and stretch every day. I still treat myself when I want something, I just limit how much of it I have.

Birth plan:
Good ole’ heading to the hospital, getting an epidural, and hoping it all goes well! Relying on my doctors, my husband and sister to get me through it.

What’s in your hospital bag:
The only thing I know I want to bring are cozy PJs and slippers.

Plans for managing motherhood with a newborn and work:
I’ll continue to work full-time but take a few weeks off to recover and enjoy/manage newborn life. Then I’ll be part-time for another month or so before going back full-time. I’m already looking up child care options though because both my husband and I work full-time – it’s all so overwhelming. But I fortunately get to work from home several days a week, so even though I work full-time I’ll be around baby all the time.

What’s your favorite thing about M+A’s products?
I love the quality and care that goes into making them. It’s really comforting when you know you’re putting safe, organic products on such tiny, sensitive babes. They’re also adorable.

Why did you choose the pieces that you did?
I absolutely love all of the knit collection. It’s stylish, beautiful, quality, and soft. I can’t wait to see our little guy sporting that cable knit cardigan!

Can you pick your fave print?
I stuck with the blue prints over the black for no particular reason. Then I chose ones that reflect our personalities (I realize that’s ironic since HE will be wearing them, not us). But Dan loves bikes, I wear glasses, we both love dogs, so I thought both of those would be cute. A kind of hipster vibe for baby boy.

Shop some of Alaina’s Gender Reveal Edit below. Full list here.