We’ve been told to bring baby blankets, a change of clothes and to stock up on snacks when traveling with a little one, but there are quite a few other “need to know” tips that aren’t as top of mind. We enlisted the help of you(!)—our customers—to provide us with some tips from lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Because, we’re all in this together, right?

1. Make sure to bring a copy of your baby's birth certificate.

'I was kicked off my first flight flying with an infant just prior to takeoff because the flight attendant asked for a birth certificate to prove my 4-month-old (!!!) was under 2 and could be a lap child.' @meg_pruitt

2. Baby under 1? Bring TWO changes of baby clothes (extra baby leggings are especially helpful, since babies are prone to blowouts while flying).

'Last month I traveled from Minneapolis back to San Francisco with my 7-week-old daughter....alone. She had two blow-outs on our 4-hour flight.' @shantersch

3. Bring deodorant.

'When you travel with a tiny baby... you're just sweaty all the time!' @rach.chicka.cha.cha

4. Strawless sippy cups for the win.

'Our seatmate finally fell asleep despite the craziness and my son's sippy cup, which apparently got pressurized , started shooting water through the straw. Cold cold water. My son likes ice water. And where was it aimed? Her face!' @alice_leon_

5. Ask for coffee grinds.

'Let's just say my 4-month-old got sick all over myself, my brother and my husband on a cross-country flight. Husband was being wiped down by flight attendant with coffee grinds. Apparently, coffee grinds get the smell out!? Who knew?!' @lswelch

6. Road tripping? Pack the paper towels.

'We just went on a 6-hour road trip with our newborn to visit my parents. She was so good for the first three hours. We stopped to change her poopy diaper, and as soon as I removed the diaper, she started pooping and peeing simultaneously all over the car. We could only laugh. And then start wiping her off with fast food napkins!’' @lchval

7. Don't put milk or formula in the overhead compartment.

'I was traveling with my 3-month-old for the first time. The flight attendant asked me to put my bag in the overhead compartment prior to takeoff. Of course, right before takeoff my daughter started screaming for her milk and I realized it was in the bin. The flight attendant absolutely wouldn't let me get out of my seat to grab the milk. Poor thing screamed until we were finally in the air and I was able to grab!' @jessie_mash

8. Have extra EVERYTHING. (Including a change of clothes for yourself!)

“ Once we landed, we find out that the airline had a blackout and cancelled all flights. I was stuck with 3 littles, no more formula, a poo stain on my pants, and had to wait in line for 3 hours (while holding baby) to reschedule our flight for the next day.” - missbrittany_ann

9. Request a window or aisle seat.

“I got stuck sitting between two very large, muscular men. I was touching both of them for the entire three hour flight, despite trying to make myself as small as possible. My son was squished and hot and when it came time to feed him, I had to scoot forward in my chair and turn sideways to nurse, trying to keep my soon from kicking them; neither of the men surrounding us even budged as I clearly struggled to feed my child. We were both so uncomfortable and crying!” @briannamariewilson

10. Bring your sense of humor—you’re going to need it.

“How do you truck your kid down the aisle soaked and dripping in poo...like ‘hey people, might want to deploy those oxygen masks stat!’” -im_mrs_smith