When we were expecting, we tore through all the editions of What to Expect. One thing we didn’t think about? What to expect to wear while barely getting out the door to pediatrician appointments/nursing/playdates/work! Thankfully, fashion vet Morgan Hutchinson is on it. She hand selects pieces that marry style and function for her online boutique BURU. Think on-trend silhouettes in washable fabrics from her in-house label and designers you already love. The concept is so genius, Hutchinson even snagged the instant approval of pal Rebecca Minkoff during her first market visit.

We asked Hutchinson all the hard questions, from how she juggles running a biz to what she cuts out of her daily routine to save time. Her candid responses were oh so refreshing.

Morgan Hutchinson, 37 (next month)

Mom to Olive Bee (4 years) and Schafer Bass (9 months)

Your day job: Founder + CEO of BURU

The place you call home: Los Angeles Arts District

Take us through your days at BURU.

As an entrepreneur, I find that every day is a little different. Some days are focused on the fun stuff like designing and curating our ready-to-wear brands, shooting lookbooks or hosting pop-ups. Others are spent doing the nitty-gritty tasks like tweaking margins or learning about Instagram algorithms. The mix up of tasks keeps things interesting for sure!

What do you love most about your job?

We are legitimately a family business. My husband and I are true partners in the business and our kids are with us as much as possible. Little ones throw a curveball once in awhile, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have built our business around the life we want to live. Second to that, I absolutely love helping mamas get their groove back after babies. It is so fun to make a mom feel as special as she truly is using fashion!

We have built our business around the life we want to live.

What do you like least?

As a small business, we are bound to make mistakes here and there, but I absolutely hate disappointing a customer. I take it so personally!

How did BURU become reality?

My entire career has been in design (interiors to start) and then fashion (I worked as a stylist while we lived in Beijing, China). But when our daughter was born, I quickly realized that my wardrobe needed a major shift. I still wanted to be “me”, but I needed my clothes to work with me, not against me. When Olive was just 9 weeks old, we headed to NYC to attend our first market to see if we could find brands willing to work with us. Luckily, my sweet friend Rebecca Minkoff signed off on us right away and we hit the ground running to build a website. Shop BURU was born!


What 3 pieces of clothing are key for a new nursing mom?

White Button Down Shirt. It can be worn anywhere with anything and offer #easyaccess.

LBND (little black nursing dress). A throw-on-and-go dress that transitions between seasons — in a washable textile — makes getting out the door a breeze.

Swing Tee. T-shirts tend to be a nursing mama’s go-to. I think it’s important to be sure you have one that can lift up and over your baby. Enter the swing shape. Our Mama Ref Tee in classic black-and-white stripe can act as a nursing cover without overwhelming her in fabric.

Did you take any time off when your littles were born? How did you handle those first few months?

We work for ourselves so the answer is a big fat no. In fact, I was still balancing a laptop on my belly during labor with Schafer! As far as those early months, it’s a lot of juggling. The babies always come first, but the reality is that the business is still churning and though BURU is not quite an infant anymore, she’s a toddler at most and needs lots of attention!

In what ways is your work/life the same since having kids? And in what ways is it different?

I hate to speak in extremes, but in no way is it the same. Of course, multitasking exists sans children, but having little ones takes it to an unrecognizable level. I’m often taking conference calls with a baby on the boob while peeling a banana for the 4-year old. I answer emails and post on Instagram one-handed while setting up a Barbie Dream House with the other; and I change diapers during staff meetings.


What’s your best advice to a new mom coming towards the end of her maternity leave?

Be kind to yourself. Stop comparing yourself and your mothering to things you see on Pinterest. That sh*t is #sponsored!

Who do you lean on when the going gets tough?

My husband Brett and my mother Momo. Couldn’t do life without them!

family.jpgIs there anything you do less of to make it work for you and your family?

Honestly? I skimp on showering. I pretty much only do it every other day, and I only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days. That probably makes me sound gross…but you ask me to get real! I’m not a dirty person, but I’ve learned to cut some corners.

Your honesty is refreshing! So do you think it’s easier or harder to be a parent in 2017 versus “back in the day”?

I think being a parent has always had its challenges — no matter what decade you’re doing it in. The biggest difference now seems to be that rather than just seeing how the mom next door is doing it, because of social media, we see how every mom-slash-parent is doing it. It leaves a lot of room for self-doubt.

That said, perhaps we should also stop and remind ourselves from time to time that the task of monitoring “screen time” (#firstworldproblems) is probably much easier than raising kiddos before modern plumbing!

Morgan’s Favorite M+A Products:

Top Dog On the Go One-piece, Pink Prima Bellarina Dress, Purple Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress, Cream Collegiate Sweater, and the Little Darling Knit Top + Bottom.

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