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Work It: Samantha Eisenberg Turns On the Charm

Work It: Samantha Eisenberg Turns On the Charm

Our latest mom crush is Samantha Eisenberg of Samantha Faye Jewelry, a darling collection of gold plated and sterling silver pieces that you can easily splurge on (most pieces ring in under $50). We especially love her Two x Two necklaces made for mama bears and baby bears.


The former lawyer-turned-jewelry designer (more on that next) charmed us with her honest answers about motherhood and running a business (spoiler: it won’t always be smooth sailing), and what makes it all worthwhile.

Name: Samantha Eisenberg
Age: 36
Your kids: Emma (3), Noah (21 months)
Day Job: Jewelry Designer
The place you call home: Newton, MA

Tell us a little bit about your day job:
Samantha Faye is a “bridge” jewelry company (mostly brass with gold plate and sterling silver) made in Rhode Island and sold in more than 400 stores nationwide. So far, I have done everything from sales and PR, to designing and packaging the jewelry. Each year I learn more and more about what it takes to be a successful business — I have not done everything perfectly along the way, but I always treat customers right and learn from my mistakes.

What’s a typical day like for you.
Every day is different! Some days I am working on store and online orders, other days I am designing, meeting with my manufacturer, developing new packaging, and researching new opportunities.

What do you love most about your job?
Being creative, creating something that a customer loves and cherishes. I love seeing people on the street wearing my designs. Each charm has meaning but often the meaning is different for each individual. When someone really connects with the jewelry, it makes it all worth it!

What do you like least?
Working alone. I do meet people everyday, but I look forward to the brand getting bigger and hiring a staff one day!

Jewelry runs in the blood. Did you want to be a part of the family business when you were growing up?
No! It’s a very different concept: My family sells and works with diamonds; my jewelry is all around $50.00! We are very separate but that mixup happens often. I do think that helping out in the store while growing up certainly sparked my interest in jewelry.

You were a lawyer first. What was the deciding factor in changing careers?
When I was a lawyer, I would find myself running to 47th Street and creating designs during lunch breaks (which were not very long!) I loved having a creative outlet, and people started stopping me on the street to ask where I bought certain necklaces. It happened often enough (and I wasn’t happy as an attorney) that I decided to take the leap!

Did you encounter any obstacles?
When I first started, my first two years actually were amazing. I was in over 400 stores, the Today Show, got major press in both TV and magazines.

The obstacles happened once Emma came! I thought I could do it all — be a full-time mom (yes, I only had a few hours of help) and run my own business. It certainly suffered and I am finally coming back from that.

How did you handle those first precious months? Did you or your husband get any time off?
I am my own boss so I didn’t really give myself any time — I worked while Emma would sleep and even when she was feeding! It was all the time! My husband got a week off.

In what ways is your work/life different since having kids?
Since kids, I do feel like there is little me-time. However, I met an amazing group of moms and we make a point of getting together a few times a month, whether it’s dinner out, a workout class, or even dancing! But most days it’s work work work and family time with kids. By the time both children are finally in bed (around 7:30 to 8 p.m.) and then my husband and I make dinner, I am so exhausted I just need to sleep!


What’s your best advice to a new mom coming towards the end of her maternity leave?
I would say savor it. Try to really disconnect (if you can) and spend the time with your baby. But once you go back, know that your baby will love you no matter what, and if you are happy, baby will be happy!

We have yet to meet the fabled supermom who can “do it all.” What do you do less of to make it work for you and your family?
Manicures and pedicures and other things women do to feel beautiful! Although I have discovered GEL manicures (they may be bad for you, but they’re a life saver!)

One thing you didn’t know before having kids that you wish you had known:
Sometimes it is so challenging you want to give up but that’s normal (I think?!) and that all the happy moments make it all worth it because children truly are amazing and watching them grow and learn is incredible.


Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a parent in 2018 versus when you were growing up?
Harder. I think there are so many options now for everything. It makes choosing so much harder — what stroller, car seat, or diaper bag to get, or what camp to send your child to. It’s stressful to have so many options. I also think it is much more expensive now to have kids (it is $700 a week to send my daughter to camp in our area!) which is stressful. Finally, because of social media, I do think we all compare ourselves to other moms and parents and that’s always hard whether we like to admit it or not.

What do you hope for your kids when it’s their turn to run the world?
I hope both of my children do what makes them happy and have supportive people (not just family) helping them along the way. I hope that my children are also kind to everyone along the rise to their success.


Finish this sentence. I never leave the house without ____
I honestly can’t answer that question. I feel like i forget things daily! My phone, wallet (thank God for Apple Pay!) So I guess my car keys since I live in the suburbs and I drive everywhere!

When it comes to jewelry: the more the merrier, or less is more?
I am actually a less is more girl... understated but beautiful.

What pieces are you wearing right now?
I always wear my three custom cuff bracelets — one in rose gold that has coordinates of Boston, one in gold that has my kids’ birthdays, and one in silver that has my anniversary with my husband.

Favorite animal: Dog. I want one so badly. My husband thinks two kids under the age of 3 are enough, but oh my, I want a snuggly dog! Maybe a Bernedoodle?!

Must-have M+A Products:

OMG, Noah has gotten so many compliments on this piece with the diagonal zipper. And, the Ruffle Shoulder Dress is the cutest dress. Love!

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