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10 Ways To Find "You Time" with a Newborn at Home

10 Ways To Find "You Time" with a Newborn at Home

Ohhhh the joys of reading, watching your favorite Netflix series, taking a bubble bath, getting a manicure just because, and enjoying a quiet cup of coffee in the morning. There is nothing more important for our mental health than making sure to take some time for ourselves whenever we can squeeze it in. 

But with a newborn on the way, "you time" is about to look a little bit different. We connected with our community of parents on Instagram, and asked parents who have already been there, "How did you find time for yourself with a newborn at home?"

They're answers are inspiring, and we hope that these tips can help you find some peace of mind, during the wonderfully crazy time with your new baby at home.

10 Tips on How to find "You Time" with a Newborn - From Parents Who Have Been There:

1. @kashbyrd : "I read a book while pumping."

2. @isabelkummerfeldt: "Going on walks with baby strapped on chest."

3. @lizbally: "Exercise. Cleared my mind as well as making my body feel good. Even just 10 minutes."

4. @sregas: "Shower every day even if babe is in crib for the duration."

5. @kayhaben: "Grandparents!"

6. @hmgturner: "Bubble bath after baby fell asleep at night."

7. @christinerogers_: "Hiring high school kids to watch baby for an hour while I work out."

8. @wittyscienceteacher: "When baby naps, take 30 minutes to do something you want to do."

9. @mrsgrz: "Pump and save. That way you can enjoy a glass of wine while dad feeds the baby."

10. @_fernandat: "Letting my mom watch the baby while I went on a car ride and grabbed a coffee or went on a Target run."


While "you time" with a newborn can look a little bit different than what you're used to, it is the most magical time. Your favorite time, turns into "us time" with just you and your new little one!


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