It's never too early in your pregnancy to start thinking about what you might need to pack in your hospital bag. But with all the excitement and hustle and bustle around pregnancy, where do you even start?

Well, our community of moms is here to help. We took to Instagram to ask moms who have already been there, what their LIFE SAVING hospital bag item was, that you wouldn't typically think of!

Here's what they had to share...

Life Saving Hospital Bag Items from Moms Who Have Been There

1. @christinerogers_: "An extra long phone charger."

  • Who would have thought, that bringing your usual phone charger just won't cut it. When you have some down time, you might want to jump on your phone and chill. But, if the phone charger doesn't reach the hospital bed, that might put a damper in your relaxation plans.

2. @alcdavis: "Dry shampoo. Especially if you're having a C-Section."

  • You might just be too exhausted, or too sore to take a shower. And after a C-Section, you might not be able to shower at all for awhile. An on-the-go bottle of Dry Shampoo will help you feel a little bit refreshed!

3. @wittyscienceteacher: "Your own towel."

  • Let's be honest, nothing will compare to your own, fresh towel from home. When you're finally able to take a rinse, you'll feel much better with your own towel to dry off with.

4. @mrsgrz: "A baby book! There will be time you can write all those first moments down while it's fresh"

  • While the nurses take baby in and out of the room, you'll have a little time to yourself. Bring your baby book so that you can write down all of those special memories while they're fresh in your mind. (Maybe you can even get a footprint, right there in the book!)

5. @sam.nelson.25: "Your own pillow!!!"

  • Comfort is KEY postpartum. You will be exhausted! And bringing your own pillow from home will be a little extra slice of feeling like you're at home and getting good sleep.

6. @jessmkaras: "A fan that clips to the hospital bed"

  • A fan a will help to keep you cool while you catch some zzz's.

7. @lowellandleo: "Monica + Andy Hello Baby Set. The roll over sleeves and pants cover you for mittens and socks."

  • Love this answer! This set is designed with newborns in mind. The Hello Baby Top has roll over sleeves for mittens. The Hello Baby Bottoms have roll over legs for socks. And the kimono style top and elastic waist bottoms both are there to help baby's belly button heal.

8. @yourbookboo: "Compression socks! The swelling is wild!"

  • Who would have thought your ankles would swell the most, postpartum? Well, for some mamas, they do! A nice pair or two of compression socks will help relieve some of that. 

9. @freya.gamble: "A white noise machine"

  • If you're anything like us, white noise is a must on a nightly basis. When you're packing your hospital bag, you're thinking of all the things you'll need for baby and clothes for yourself. But don't forget about good sleep! A portable white noise machine, will do you wonders.

10. @sylviedinh: "A portable massager"

  • Definitely not a need. But you'll be so thankful you packed this. And if you can get a HEATED portable massager...even better.

11. @hwhockey14: "Travel airplane pillow"

  • Turning over can be... well, challenging. So give your neck the comfort it needs to sleep, with a plush airplane pillow.

12. @13goingoncrazy: "EVA Birkenstock sandals. Lifesaver!"

  • These Birks are 100% rubber. Which means they're comfy like slippers, but durable enough to walk around the hospital in, AND you can wear them in the shower. The one shoe for all!

Hospital Bag packing can be stressful. You have you, your baby, and your significant other to think about! These items are definitely not your normal hospital bag items, but boy oh boy, will you be glad you packed them. 

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