You're almost there! You're almost at the finish line. You have spent the past 6 months growing this beautiful baby inside of you, and it's been well... rewarding, challenging, magical, tiring, and a million emotions in between. So, as you approach your third trimester, the final lap, what are a few things you can do to do to feel at peace, and ready to be a new mama?

We took to Instagram, to ask thousands of experienced moms, what advice they would give to someone in their third trimester. Here are a few of the responses we got in that you can try...

Third Trimester Advice:

  • @kashbyrd: "Take maternity pictures! You are growing a human inside of you and you are beautiful."
  • @ashleymariebryant: "Enjoy it! Life changes quick once the baby is here."
  • @alexis.michales: "Sleep as much as you possibly can. I know it's hard with needing to pee every 3 hours..."
  • @courtney_gehl: "Do something for you. Read a book, see a movie, go to a museum, and take time for yourself!"
  • @wittyscienceteacher: "Go to a pool for some relief. The water will take all the weight off."
  • @mrsgrz: "It only gets better, even when it feels impossible. You're doing great."
  • @erin_juanita: "Take time for yourself. Selfish time!"
  • @lowellandleo: "Read all about the first 6 months since you won't have time once baby arrives."


And from Monica + Andy... just ENJOY every little magical moment. If you haven't yet, be sure to grab your Hospital Cuddle Box for baby's arrival at the hospital!