Just before the new year, Chicago real estate broker Nicole Hasima became mom to sweet little Charlie. Nicole and her husband Chris (owner of Wicker Park restaurant Clever Rabbit) let us shoot a Gender Reveal with them last fall, so needless to say we were pretty excited to finally meet the little guy—and he didn’t disappoint!

Read on to hear more about her pregnancy, why they decided to find out what they were having, and why she requested to do skin to skin after birth.


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What was the best advice you received before your baby was born?

To enjoy all of your moments together. The happy times and the meltdowns, because this person is growing before your eyes everyday and there is no going back in time to relive it. I want to smother him in kisses enjoying his newborn smell as much as I can.

What were you most nervous about before the birth?

During my pregnancy I was focused on my prenatal care: I was eating healthy foods, working out, trying to take care of my body. It wasn’t until about 36 weeks that I started getting nervous about the actual labor and delivery. It was all feeling too real then. I was most nervous about not being in control. Not knowing how labor would go, and just hoping that no matter what he would arrive safe and healthy.

What were you most excited for?

To meet him! You spend your whole pregnancy picturing who this person is, what they are going to look like, how they will act-the anticipation of finally meeting them is overwhelming.


Did you have a birth plan?

I didn’t have a very specific birth plan. I had been given the advice that this little person will make their appearance however they see fit, and having a strict birth plan can lead to disappointment if it doesn’t go as planned. My one request was to do skin to skin after birth and that was granted. Instantly cuddling him in my arms was perfect.

You knew you were having a boy. Why did you decide to find out?

We decided to find out the gender of our baby for a couple of reasons. One being that it was a surprise that we were pregnant, so the additional surprise of not knowing whether it was a boy or girl was something we couldn’t wait 9 months for! It was all so exciting and overwhelming at the same time, that we decided finding out who this little person was would be a way to get to know them better throughout the pregnancy.

We got the test results back from our office, and had plans to wait to open the envelope with our family at an upcoming weekend at the lake. That quickly changed as the envelope sat on our counter unopened...waiting to reveal the most exciting secret ever. So after coffee and breakfast one morning we decided to do a private reveal and opened up the letter. It was such an exciting moment for us both. I still remember my husband jumping up and down!


What surprised you most about the birth?

I’m just in awe of what the female body is capable of. We carry this baby for 40 weeks, give birth to them, then nurse them on milk that our body creates, there are no other words other than women are total badasses. When checking in, a nurse had warned me that for my first time my labor could take 18-36 hours, instantly I was committed on getting it done much sooner. I was told that for my first time, my labor & delivery was in all pretty short. I labored for 9 hours and pushed for 28 minutes and then got to meet my beautiful son.


Tell us one moment that sticks out in your mind from the day.

Charlie was put back on my chest and we were doing skin to skin after birth and I just kept thinking ‘he’s here, he is finally here and he’s all ours!’ My husband and I were overwhelmed with emotion and I just remember crying and being so grateful that we did it and he was perfect!

What surprises you most about new motherhood?

How you can function on very little to no sleep. Not only function but continue to be productive, all while being completely enamored by this beautiful baby that came into your world and changed it forever. I do miss sleeping in on the weekends, but being woken up by his precious face that is changing and discovering more everyday is truly worth it.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before Charlie was born that you know now?

No matter all the advice you receive, all the baby gifts and gadgets you are never truly prepared for parenthood and that’s ok. Figuring it out as you go, and getting smarter and better everyday is something to celebrate.

What is your greatest wish for Charlie?

That he lives his life knowing that he can be whoever he wants to be and achieve anything he wants. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see who he becomes.

Nicole and Chris with their little one. Nicole chose to do skin to skin after birth with her newborn baby boy.

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