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Letter to my Baby: Kristin Malta

Letter to my Baby: Kristin Malta

My dearest son, this is my wish for you,

The day felt like a dream
From the moment we knew you were to be.

So tiny, yet so loved by your daddy and me.
Just a tiny orange seed starting to grow inside of me.

I dreamt for you by a sandy ocean shore,
that one day I'd be holding you
and kissing you forever more.

This is my wish for you.
The power of love brought you to me.
My hope is that you'll grow and flourish and take leaps.

Quickly you grew,
and so did our vision
of your beautiful future
and all that you would be.

An astronaut, a doctor, a musician or an athlete.
The sky's the limit, reach for the stars,
you can be anything you want to be.

Our dreams for you are like an endless rolling stream.
Whatever path you chose, we'll be there to support you
we love you times two.

They'll be ups and downs along the way.
Don't be afraid of rocky times, be courageous and be brave.

Your heart is strong and wise, so never lose faith,
we are always by your side,
And remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Be kind and compassionate to others along the way,
life is a journey, my son, and you are on your way.

And will you succeed? Absolutely, indeed.
No question about it, your future is as bright as can be.

From the moment I held you, and kissed your sweet face,
I wanted to be the best for you, each and every day.

Have confidence, my love, this is your story to write.
The world is waiting for you, just open your tiny bright eyes.

I love you with all my heart!

Always and forever my love,


Kristin (Sollenne) Malta

Founder of MommyMingleNYC.com
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