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6 Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Valentine's Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Valentine's Day

Candy hearts, love letters, boxes of chocolates—it's no doubt that Valentine's Day is hands-down the sweetest holiday of them all. And if you've got a new addition to the family, that only makes the lovey-dovey day that much sweeter.

If you're looking to make your baby's first Valentine's Day a one-of-a-kind experience, you're in the right place. We've put together a list of six creative ideas fit to turn your baby into a regular little Cupid for the holiday.

#1 Create Heart-Shaped Sweets and Other Snacks

When love’s in the air, hearts will follow. Offering heart-shaped baby-approved snacks is a perfect way to introduce your child to the world of Valentine’s Day through something they already know and love: yummy treats.

If your little one is old enough to enjoy solid foods, try creating a sweet-but-simple cupcake in a heart-shaped mold, or toss pink and red sprinkles onto a soft sugar cookie. The decoration options are endless, and it’s not difficult to make a treat that truly says “Valentine’s Day”.

Take note that baked sweets are best suited for children much closer to celebrating their first birthday than they are to newborn infancy—but that doesn’t mean the younger ones have to miss out.

The littlest ones can enjoy pink strawberry applesauce or chocolate pudding bedazzled with heart-shaped sprinkles. For babies just getting into solid foods (around six months of age), make their fruit and veggies Valentine’s Day ready. Any red or pink fruit or vegetable can easily be elevated by cutting out little heart-shaped slices.

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#2 Design a Play Area with Valentine’s Day Theme

Your little one might not yet be old enough to realize it’s Valentine’s day, but there are two things babies are sure to love any day: playtime and new experiences. There are so many baby playroom ideas for Valentine's Day. So, allow them to have both by building a special play area decorated just for the holiday. This is a highly customizable idea, and as long as you have cute and baby-proof options, you can’t go wrong.

Here are a couple of merrymaking ideas for your Valentine’s Day play area:

  1. Pink playdough – Playdough is already delightful on its own, but you can add even more fun to this special occasion by creating your own Valentine’s Day version. Try this recipe for DIY playdough fit for the holiday, and have fun crafting heart shapes and flowers together. (Just be sure to supervise them, in case they think this toy is another Valentine’s Day snack!)
  2. Blow bubbles – For something mess-free, blow bubbles around your baby’s playpen or general play area. They’ll get the fun of reaching and chasing for the (seemingly magic) popping bubbles—and you get the enjoyment of knowing you’re stimulating their fine motor functions.
  3. Valentine’s Day props and baby toys – Introduce some of the classic Valentine’s Day additions into your child’s play area: festive faux flowers, fluffy heart toys, or pink teddy bears, to name just a few examples. This also sets the scene for a picture-perfect holiday photoshoot (more on that celebratory idea to come).

#3 Dress Your Little One as Cute as a Cherub

If you want to dress up your child for this romantic winter holiday, achieving an adorable and angelic look for them is right within reach. Here are a couple of clothing ideas to consider when getting your baby dolled up on the 14th.

Clothing to Keep them Snug as a Bug

The day of love always falls on the same day in late winter, and it’s important for a baby to be adequately warm—which means bundling them up with the proper baby clothes.1

Protect your little one from the cold by planning for the winter holiday accordingly:

  • Go for warm fabrics like flannels, fleeces, or a natural-fiber fabric like hemp.
  • Add on some outerwear or baby jackets suitable for your climate.
  • Add a cute baby hat, mittens, and booties, and you're set for the chilly, love-filled day.

Colors & Patterns of Love

When dressing your infant for their first Valentine's, there are a few classic patterns you can go for (spoiler alert: they all feature hearts).

You can opt for polka-dotted heart prints for straightforward cuteness, but that's not the only option. Getting creative with patterns is a unique way to be V-day celebratory. Try a classic red and white heart print (we love this Double Ruffled Let’s Dance Dress), get comfy in a cozy but on-point romper, or dress it up in our Long Sleeve Let’s Dance Dress.

Romantic Accessories

Much like wearing a baby-sized Santa hat for Christmas, there are countless opportunities to adorn your baby in cute and cheeky Valentine's Day accessories. Lean into the Cupid look and try a pair of baby-sized costume angel wings for the baby of your family, or pose them with heart-shaped sunnies, a red striped headband, or a bright pink feather boa.

#4 Have a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

Your baby's first Valentine's Day is a special one, so why not let the memory be everlasting? Plus, combining a photoshoot with some of our other Valentine's Day collections makes for picture-perfect preparation in both the staging and the outfit departments.

Let your infant go to town on a heart-shaped cupcake or strawberry bites for a playful (and sometimes hilarious) photoshoot. Or, get them situated in your adorably decked-out play area to have a ready backdrop for Valentine's photos.

To really round out the memory capture, be sure to get a few photo opportunities with the whole family (pets, too!). You can even plan to match your family's clothing with the little one's by putting on your finest pink, white, and red outfits.

#5 Visit Extended Family

They say it takes a village to raise a child—a village stocked full of overwhelming love. Letting your child experience that love firsthand is a perfectly suited activity for the first Valentine's Day of their life when they're still being raised and loved by that village.

Building a sense of community early is also integral to a growing child's sense of security and support, even as a baby.2 It's also a chance to celebrate love beyond parental or romantic love present within your family.

The surprise bonus? If you have a romantic Valentine in your life, you can essentially ensure having babysitters if you decide on a V-Day date night at the end of the day.

#6 Write a Love Letter

For your child's first Valentine's Day, consider starting the tradition of writing them a letter every year on this holiday of love. When they get to a reading age, you can start reading them with your child, or save them all and give them as a gift once they're much older.

If you're looking for ideas or inspiration, below is a pair to ponder once you're ready to put pen to paper:

  • List of loves – We all know the love we have for our children is unconditional, so naming just some of the many things you love about your newest is an ideal method to get the ink flowing. From their tiny toes to their daring curiosity, don't be afraid to spill your love on the page.
  • Future plans –Write all of your imaginations down in a letter addressed to your child. As a plus: it'll help you plan some fun adventures for the years ahead.

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