Baby Playroom Ideas

Before having children, the concept of creating an engaging and interactive playroom may have seemed like a no-brainer. You store their toys in a few boxes, and your baby will do the rest.

Pretty simple, right? Not quite.

When you’re in the parenting trenches, you might quickly realize there’s more involved in creating the ultimate baby playroom than you originally imagined. A well-equipped playroom includes age-appropriate toys, toy storage that caters to their needs, and more.

When planning a baby playroom design, you have a world of options and themes. You can get a few inspirations from our baby girl nursery ideas and baby boy nursery ideas or go for gender-neutral nursery themes. Similar to a baby nursery, their playroom should grow as they grow, so ensure that you can easily change the playroom decor and design as your baby grows. A great play space encourages pretend play and imaginative play.

Whether you’ve already begun organizing your sweet baby's playroom or you’re looking for a little inspiration to point you in the right direction, we’ve prepared some handy baby playroom ideas to help you craft a functional and fun playroom you and your little one will enjoy.

What To Include In A Baby’s Playroom

Your little one’s playroom is a beautiful blank canvas waiting to be filled with baby-approved items. From toys to storage options, here are some of the essentials to consider adding to their playroom arsenal.

Age-Appropriate Developmental Toys

A two-month-old is going to have very different developmental needs than a two-year-old, so it’s important to find age-appropriate toys that foster growth in your baby’s communication and motor skills.1

Here’s a list of some must-have age-appropriate baby toys for your baby’s playroom based on their age:2

  • Zero to Three Months – Your newborn’s first three months of life are very laid back in terms of playtime. One of their favorite pastimes is observing the people around them, and what better place to people-watch than at an interactive play gym? Not only are they excellent for tummy time, but they also include removable accessories they’ll use for months to come, like batting rings, teethers, and brightly colored balls.
  • Four to Six Months – As your little one outgrows the newborn phase, they’ll work on rolling over, grasping, and having more interactions with their toys.3 Cute and colorful soft baby rattles are perfect for improving their grasping skills.

    Crinkly clip-on toys are also ideal because your little one will love making noises with them over and over again, and you can easily clip them to a variety of surfaces—play gyms, car seats, you name it. The world is your oyster.
  • Six Months to One Year – At six months (much to the excitement—and panic—of parents), unassisted sitting and crawling quickly becomes the new norm. During this time, soft crinkly books and toys are fun and safe, as babies can comfortably cruise right over them, crawling from place to place. Buildable blocks and themed stackable toys can also help develop muscle control and improve their intentional grasp and release skills.
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Storage Areas

Once you’ve picked out a mix of developmentally-friendly toys for your tiny tot, you’ll need somewhere to keep them. There are a few ways to comfortably (and stylishly) store your newfound toy collection, including:

  • Storage shelves – A four or six-cube storage shelf typically accommodates traditional-sized storage bins. It can help you keep your little one’s toys organized according to toy type and developmental stage.
  • Cloth bins – Cotton storage bins are an exceptional storage addition to any playroom. They’re washable, durable, and come in a variety of colors. Use them to store books, blankets, blocks, and more. This eco-friendly beige basket with tassels is trendy and adds a pop of panache to your playroom.
  • Bookcases – Whether you’re holding your baby’s soft books or are beginning to add to their growing collection of hardcovers, a bookcase is an investment that’ll last years. This is one piece of baby furniture that'll remain useful in their play space. From a tree-shaped bookcase to one that resembles a cute cactus, you can find one that pairs perfectly with your playroom decor and theme.

How To Set Up A Baby’s Playroom

You’ve found the toys. You’ve acquired the storage stations. What’s next?

It’s time to set the playroom (and your little one) up for success! Here are a few tips for organizing their playroom:4

  • Display toys at their level – The best way for them to use their toys is by placing them at a level they can see and reach them. For babies under six months, it’s helpful to leave their current rotation of toys on the floor of their play gym where they can grab them easily. Once they’re sitting on their own, you can move their toys into easy-to-reach storage bins on the floor.
  • Offer a few toys at a time – If someone gave you a dozen books from your favorite author and told you to choose only one, you might feel a wee bit overwhelmed. Your tiny tot would probably feel the same if you gave them a whole box of toys and said, “choose one to play with.”

    Instead, choose only a few items for them to play with at a time. They’ll likely find it more rewarding as they can spend more time focusing on each toy. Every few days, you can rotate their options to keep them interested.

Find the Perfect Toys For your Tot’s Playroom

Whether you’re giving your baby’s playroom an upgrade or you’re preparing for your newest addition to the family, creating a fun and safe space for your baby will give them the freedom to engage in independent play.

From newborns to toddlers and beyond, we offer an extensive variety of toys designed with your little one in mind. Choose from eco-friendly toys that challenge them, entertain them, and help them develop fundamental skills that’ll set them up for the future.


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