If you're a first-time mom-to-be, you know how overwhelming registering for newborn essentials can feel...and if you're expecting multiples? Well, it's totally normal to feel (at least) double the registry confusion. Do you need multiple quantities of every item? How do you figure out which stroller is best for transporting two (or more!) babies? And should you really be splurging on top-of-the-line equipment when you need even more stuff than the average mom-to-be?

It's a lot to process, and that's why we enlisted a few twin mamas to share their best picks for fellow MoMs (that's moms of multiples, for the uninitiated).

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but these products have earned 'must-have' status among real-life twin mamas. Consider adding them to your very own baby registry if you're also expecting more than one bundle of joy!

4moms mamaRoo 4 ($249)

Fellow twin mom Kirsten Palladino agreed that MoMs need baby swings even more than singleton mamas do, and this high-tech model has a cult following. 'We didn't register for baby swings. We heard how some babies don't like swings,' she said. 'But after our babies were born and my wife went back to work and I was on my own during the days, I couldn't always hold two. But they wanted me to! So we ordered a swing. And each baby loved it so much, we ordered another. I suddenly could do things like go to the bathroom, wash a few bottles and maybe even fall asleep for a few minutes.' #TwinMomGoals.

Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy/Maternity Total Body Pillow (69.95)

Dara Lovitz, a mom who (literally) wrote the book on parenting twins, recommended using a specific pillow that works magically for twin mamas — especially those who want to tandem nurse their little ones. 'I ended up using my pregnancy sleep pillow for breastfeeding my twins and it was a godsend!' she said. 'I would sit on the floor, wrap it around me like a serpent on a tree, I'd pick up one baby and latch her, and then was able to reach down for the other baby without unlatching the first. With the other breastfeeding twin pillows, feeding my twins without the assistance of another adult was near impossible.'

You'll love using this through your pregnancy as well, so get that bang for your buck and buy it early!

Ubbi Diaper Pail ($69.95)

File this under: Items your babies can share. Hallelujah! You only need one diaper pail, according to Meghan — but that one is non-negotiable, especially when you'll be dealing with double the diapers. 'Just make sure to get one. Trust me,' she advised. This one is sleek and stylish enough to blend with your nursery decor.

Table for Two Feeding System ($279)

Twin mom Jodi Lin Gresham called this twin feeding system a 'lifesaver.' She added: 'The babies loved their little chairs and being able to see what was going on as we fed them.'

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller With Second Seat ($699.99)

More than one twin mom recommends this double stroller, which is said to be excellent for navigating city roads and not too enormous or heavy despite its built-for-two capacity.

Double SNAPnGO Folding Mobility Scooter ($1,599)

According to Dara, this is 'essential for the parent who wants to leave her house with her newborns (so...everyone?).'

'It’s like a little stroller skeleton that the car seats snap right into,' she explained. 'Super light and easy to transport. Its name is perfect, too, as far as product descriptions go. Literally, you snap and go!'

Monica + Andy Burp Cloths ($18)

Every mama needs burp cloths — but moms of multiples need, in Meghan's words, 'burp cloths times 1000.' Keep it fun by stocking up on them in fun coordinating prints courtesy of Monica + Andy.

Twin Z Waterproof Pillow ($99)

It's not just a nursing pillow. This multi-purpose item is so clutch, twin mom Becky actually cried when she gave this item away. 'You can also use it to prop both babies and bottle feed on the couch, in a play yard, or on the floor. It was the best gift we received,' she raved. 'Warning: it takes up a lot of room, but it’s worth it.'

TwinGo Original Model ($214.99)

'Hands down my number one recommendation to a twin parent is: GET A TWINGO,' Sarah Merrick told us. 'We live in the city so I can't always take the stroller everywhere, so double baby wearing is a lifesaver. The Twingo is really well designed so I promise it's quite comfortable. A huge bonus is that the Twingo separates into two separate carriers so you and your partner (or caregiver, grandparent, friend, whoever) can each wear one child on your front OR back. It is like having several types of carriers in one.'

Fellow multiple mamas, we want to hear from you! What items totally saved you during those early days with your babes? Tell us so we can share with all the mamas out there who are gearing up to welcome their own multiples!