With her due date just days away, Zoe Kasiske seems to be totally under control.

As mom to Calvin (age: 19-months-old) and Co-Founder of Butter, an experimental marketing and influencer strategy agency, she’s used to the unexpected and juggling many things at once.

“I decided not to go into this birth with a plan,” Zoe said. “There are so many variables that play into the birthing experience and I learned from the first time around, you don’t always have control of the entire experience. Everyone has a path that feels right for them and for me, its going in without a plan.”

Zoe and her husband Josh Kasiske, Owner of Phillipes Watches of Beverly Hills, say they’re most excited to “just hear that little munchkin’s cry for the first time” and will celebrate “24/7” with family once the little guy arrives (soon enough, Zoe!).

Zoe, who brought along a very large carry-on sized piece of luggage to the hospital for the birth of her first child, says she packed a ton of unnecessary items the first time around. This time, the contents of her bag include a lot less changes of clothes for herself and more self-care products (including a bottle of wine!) to keep her feeling as fresh as possible during her stay.

We asked Zoe to fill us in on the essential items she has packed and ready-to-go in her hospital bag.


DryBar Detangler Brush ($20) | Hospital Bag: Little Market Bag ($20) | Monica + Andy Soft Touch Gown ($28) | Shearling Birkenstocks ($145) | My First Year, A Baby Journal by Jacqui Saldena ($29.99) | Fridababy Momwasher ($15.99)

Hospital Bag: Little Market Bag ($20)
The “Good Vibes Only” message on the bag is exactly what I need for my labor and delivery :).

Monica + Andy Soft Touch Gown ($28)
If there was one important thing I learned from my first, it’s to keep then in a gown for the first few weeks. It will save you a ton of time taking on and off pants to change coutless diapers. Game changer!

Shearling Birkenstocks ($145)
You never know if you’ll be strolling the hospital hallways during labor or with the baby. These have been my most comfortable at home go to’s!

Fridababy Momwasher ($15.99)
Gotta keep it clean y’all! The hospital does not provide the most useful tool for postpartum cleaning but Fridababy launched this handy tool that will make all the difference.

True Botanical Hydrating Mist ($22)
True Botanical has been my go to skin care line throughout my entire pregnancy. The entire line is mama and baby-safe!

Scunci 'The Original Hair Scrunchie'
Having long, easily tangled, hair is not conducive to the sweaty messy experience labor and delivery can be. Two words: TOP. BUN.

DryBar Detangler Brush ($20)
I had some serious dreads to get out after my first-born. This helped me get through them quickly and pain-free.

Helena Quinn Robe ($198)
This is what I lounge in at home. It’s so yummy, easy for nursing and will hopefully make me feel somewhat like a human at the hospital.

Monica and Andy Sweater Romper ($48)
The perfect, cozy, newborn outfit to bring home the babe!

My First Year, A Baby Journal by Jacqui Saldena ($29.99)
Jacqui Saldana of “Baby Boy Bakery” has an incredible series of journals, one of which guides you to document all the important moments -- the good and well, the not so pretty ones -- in the first year of your babies life. I am not a huge journaler but this kept it simple and allowed me to write down all the important milestones and emotions.

Nucifera 'The Balm' ($37)
I put this EVERYWHERE. It went on my body, hair, lips, literally everywhere.

A Pea in the Pod 'Full Coverage Nursing Sleep Bra' ($38)
This might not be the sexiest, but I actually wore this bra every night for the first few months when I had my first child. It’s so soft, so comfy and so easy.