Is there a sweeter way to start the day than by sharing breakfast (plus a big coffee for mom) with your little ones? We tapped our favorite influential mamas to share the top spots in their city for ordering croissants, eggs, and everything in between with the kids. Let us know if any of your favorite spots made the list!


Leslie Bruce - Laguna Beach

The bestselling author hails from the setting of everyone's favorite coming-of-age reality show, but her day-to-day is less about the 'drama, drama, drama' and more about spending time with her kids, Tallulah and Roman. These three breakfast spots rank high on Leslie and her fam's list.

Penguin Cafe

'It’s a typical greasy spoon breakfast diner; it reminds me of my time living in New York —except for the ocean view!'


'This restaurant is a Laguna institution and always has a crazy wait. The trick is going for weekend breakfast; not as many people know about it! The kids' breakfast, the 'Nick Junior,' is a cafeteria tray with scrambled eggs, bacon, a waffle triangle and maple syrup for dipping!'

Heidelberg Cafe

'This is a more casual 'order at counter' kind of place with a boatload of omelets, croissant breakfast sandwiches, and delicious coffee. This is a total lazy beach town place—so don’t go when you’re in a rush!'

Seen on Tallulah and Roman: Groove Pants (Oh Donut Even), Long Sleeve Let's Dance Dress (Bonjour Croissant), Long Sleeve Let's Dance Dress (Oh Donut Even).


Jessica Klein - Boston

The lifestyle blogger and interior designer has already let us in on some of her favorite attractions in Boston — but hey, a fam's gotta eat! When you need a break from seeing the sights, hit up these breakfast spots Jessica and her daughter Evie love.

Bostonia Public House

'We love this spot for many reasons! The bloody mary bar, live music (my daughter is obsessed!), and the brunch menu to name a few. It's beautifully designed and we rarely have to wait for a table!'

Tatte Bakery

'We love swinging by Tatte for breakfast and a hazelnut latte. The breakfast sandwich and muesli are delicious! It gets busy (for good reason) so we try to go as early as possible and take our breakfast to the park.'

The Friendly Toast

'A wonderful, kid-friendly breakfast spot in the Back Bay (there's another location in Cambridge). They have some of the best breakfast in Boston and it always leaves me needing a nap afterward.'


Seen on Evie: Velour Peplum Sweatshirt (Black), Leggings (Oh Donut Even)


Amy Anderson - Nashville

The Parker Etc. blogger takes daughters Parker and Sidney around Music City for early morning eats—here's where you can find them kicking off the day.

Cafe Roze

'This spot just makes my heart so happy: The food is amazing it's kind of a mecca for all the New York City transplants now living in Nashville! On any given day you'll find families having brunch or moms meeting for coffee (or cocktails post bedtime). For breakfast, my recommendations are the Roze Latte and Egg Bowl.'


'It's a Nashville staple. It's casual in a way that you can just pop in with friends in your workout clothes or school drop-off attire. My husband's photo studio is the space above Marche, so we stop here a lot for breakfast with the kids, but it's also a great to-go option for coffee and croissants.'

Le Sel

'Nothing like a plush pink booth to make your breakfast even more relaxing! Le Sel has a magical interior that feels like a bold and modern French vibe. Definitely get the beignets as an appetizer. Everything from there is amazing — the crepes, eggs benedict and oysters sourced from both coasts.'

Seen on Parker and Sidney: Long Sleeve Let's Dance Dress (Bonjour Croissant), Long Sleeve Let's Dance Dress (Pink Velour)