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Expecting a new addition to your family and trying to narrow down exactly what you’ll need? When it comes to building a baby registry list, you want to have all your bases covered, and that means more baby items than you can shake a stick at.

But, if you’re wondering what exactly to put on your baby registry, the short answer is—a little of everything.

From on-the-go gear to nursery staples, this step-by-step guide will take you through all the baby registry must haves in order to create a baby registry specific to your needs. There’s plenty to cover, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Determine Your Specific Needs

Whether you’re living in a farmhouse along the countryside or in a one-bedroom apartment in a bustling metropolis, all expectant parents have different needs when developing their baby registry list.

Your lifestyle can determine what baby items you particularly need to focus on and what items can stay a little further down on the baby registry checklist. You may also be looking for certain features in the baby gear and items you plan to use every day.

To start, consider how you’ll be using each baby product like:

  • Strollers – Are you planning on taking long walks with a heavy-duty stroller that can handle bumps, sharp turns, and curbs, or are you planning to pop the stroller in the trunk for the occasional day trip? Plus, if you’re expecting twins, a two-seater option might be preferable to two individual strollers.
  • Baby Monitor – Interested in the classic audio-only baby monitor or something with all the modern bells and whistles? Some modern monitors have video components and can even record sleeping patterns, but that might not be necessary if you’re just looking to keep an ear on what’s happening in the nursery. Ultimately, it’s about what will help ensure you and your new baby sleep soundly.


Step 2: Add Nursery Items

Putting together your baby’s nursery can be one of the most exciting parts of preparing for their arrival. From adding fresh paint to decorating it with furniture, it takes plenty of work to prepare a nursery. Thankfully, with your registry, you can add the items that will turn the space into everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Some key nursery items to add to your registry include:

  • Crib/bassinet – It’s worth mentioning that a bassinet can only fit a baby for a few months. After they’ve outgrown the bassinet, a crib with a firm mattress, washable crib pads, and a few fitted sheets are needed to keep your baby sleeping comfortably.
  • Dresser – A solid dresser for all of your baby’s outfits is a definite must. Just make sure to pick out something that matches your decor, and you can look forward to enjoying the piece of furniture for years to come.
  • Nightlights – There’s no reason not to add a little ambiance to your nursery. Your baby will appreciate it! Throw in a noise machine to complete the peaceful atmosphere, and you may find yourself taking naps in the nursery as well.
  • Blankets and swaddles – Keep your newborn bundled up in a swaddle blanket and soft garments to help them stay cozy and calm.
  • Rocker or glider – There’s nothing better for a fussy baby than a calming rocker to help them fall back asleep. It can even help soothe new parents.

There are plenty of nursery decor pieces you can consider adding to your registry as well. From lamps to curtains, whatever will make the space a calming place for baby and parent alike is worth including.

Step 3: Consider Essential Travel Gear

While you may plan on spending the first few days (or weeks) of your child’s life cozying up at home, eventually, you’re going to want to get out of the house. But traveling with your new plus one requires some additional gear.

Consider adding travel items to your registry, like:

  • Travel system – From stroller to car to back again, a solid travel system will make leaving the house feel smooth and seamless. These combo systems are often preferable to buying the car seat and stroller separately, depending on how many car trips you plan to take.
  • Carrier – A sling or carrier is a great way to carry your infant while giving you two free hands. Plus, it keeps them close for comfort and safety.
  • Diaper bag – Never go anywhere unprepared for what nature has in store. Choose a diaper bag that you don’t mind carrying around, whether you’re going to the park or to visit the grandparents.

You may also want to add some cold-weather gear if you live in a chilly climate. A stroller muff can zip your little bundle of joy into a cozy cocoon to ensure their comfort and warmth.

Step 4: Don’t Forget About Feedings!

Growing newborns eat every 2 to 3 hours. It’s pretty much all they do besides sleep. Fortunately, their diet is pretty simple, consisting solely of breast milk or baby formula.

To help prepare for your hungry baby, you can add the following items to your registry:

  • Bottles and cleaning brushes – You may want close to a dozen bottles to ensure you’re not constantly cleaning them. Brushes and drying racks also make the process easier once it’s time to wash up.
  • Bibs – Babies are messy. A collection of washable bibs are a necessity for new parents.
  • Highchair – You might not need it until your baby is about 6 months old, but a highchair is still worth considering for your registry.
  • Pacifiers – A binky, a button, a paci. Whatever you call it, you may want a few to calm your child when they’re fussing.
  • Nursing pillow – A big help to any breastfeeding mom, a nursing pillow can make the feeding experience more comfy and stable for both mom and baby.

A breast pump may also be a key item to add to your registry, but be sure to check if your insurance will cover the cost before adding it.

Step 5: Choose Clothing

Keep your baby comfortable and stylish with some newborn staples. Prioritize newborn clothes and baby clothes that look great while protecting your child’s sensitive skin.

As far as what types of baby clothes to add, most babies are comfortable in:

We also recommend plenty of laundry detergent to keep everything fresh and clean.

Step 6: Stock Up on Cleanup Necessities

Bathing and cleaning up your baby will become a frequent routine, so why not make it even easier by having all the best tools for the job?

To keep up with your newborn’s needs, you’re going to want:

Throw in a few bath toys and a kneeler (to keep yourself comfortable when bathing your baby) and you’ll be ready to take on whatever mess come your way.

Step 7: Prepare with Health and Safety Supplies

No matter what you do, eventually, your baby is bound to come down with a minor illness. After all, their tiny immune systems are still developing! By preparing with health and safety supplies, you’ll be able to quickly nurse your little one back to health.

Complete your baby registry checklist with health and safety items like:

  1. Nose spray/aspirator – Decongest your newborn with a saline nose spray or an aspirator.
  2. Thermometer – When your baby is feeling a little warm, ensure you have an accurate thermometer to keep an eye on their temperature.
  3. Nail clippers – Nails grow fast and can cause an infant to accidentally scratch themselves. Keep everything short and safe with a set of nail clippers.
  4. Humidifier – A great way to provide relief for cold symptoms, a misting humidifier can make a big difference in dryness and congestion.

Step 8: Leave Non-Essentials Off the List

We’ve covered plenty of necessities, but what about those non-essentials?

When determining what to put on a baby registry vs. what not to put on a baby registry, consider skipping shoes. They may look cute, but your baby isn’t going to be walking any time soon.

Don’t forget, babies grow fast. If you receive too many newborn diapers or newborn baby clothes, a lot may go unused. Diversify your sizes to ensure you’ll have plenty of clothes to last at least the first few months.

Make It a 6-Month Plan

It’s easy to get carried away when brainstorming your child’s needs, so try to focus your registry planning on your new baby’s first six months. While you may think you know what you’ll want for your child at 1, 2, or even 3-years old, your plans are likely to change as time passes.

Once you’ve identified the specificities of your baby plan, you can jump into the baby registry must-haves.

Find All Your Registry Needs At Monica + Andy

While your registry items will help make caring for your newborn easier, at the end of the day, what a baby needs most is the love of a devoted parent. So when it comes to adding the necessities to your registry, why not look to a company that’s dedicated to empowering parents to be their very best?

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