First-time mom-to-be Kimberly Lapides can admit it: She 'most definitely' overpacked her hospital bag...but that doesn't bother her. Another thing the successful blogger is unbothered with ahead of her August 29 due date? Sticking to a specific birth plan.


'The actual labor process does scare me,' Kimberly told us. 'What I will say is that I am open to the plan that baby has for me. Everyone keeps asking if I have a birth plan and really, the answer is NO. I will go with the flow and do what is right for baby in the moment.'

Kimberly and her husband, Blake, have been ready to meet their little one (it's a boy!) for quite some time. She's been incredibly open about the couple's infertility journey — which included multiple rounds of IVF — on her blog, EatSleepWear. 'It’s something that has really shaped the people we are, strengthened our relationship, and giving so much more meaning to bringing our baby boy into this world,' she said.

There's no doubt about it: This couple is ready for parenthood (need proof? Kimberly started packing her hospital bag at 30 weeks). Here's what she'll have on hand when she meets her sweet little guy.

1. Slippers ($85) | 2. Long phone charger ($11.99) | 3. Nursing bra ($55) | 4. Portable wireless speaker ($39.99) | 5. Pajamas ($120) |6. Water bottle ($15)

tde Black Overnight Bag ($410)

My hospital bag is from TDE (TheDailyEdited). I ADORE their bags and love that I can have them monogrammed. It’s a big sturdy bag so I was able to throw all my essentials inside. It also has a shoulder strap since we have a couple different things to bring to the hospital and it will make it easier for my husband to carry everything in.

CamelBak Water Bottle ($15)

Being hydrated is so important. I love having my familiar water bottle and this one has a straw so will be easier to drink from without spilling on myself depending what is going on during delivery.

Novtech Lightning Cable ($11.99)

This was one of the most suggested items all my friends told me to pack. You never know where the outlets will be in the hospital rooms so an extra long charger is key to have my phone nearby to keep friends and family posted on the status of baby.

DKnight Big MagicBox Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speaker ($39.99)

Music is so important to my husband and . It’s what is going to keep me calm and feel like we are in our own customized environment. I put Hubby in charge of packing this and making us playlists of my favorite music.

Camera, memory card and extra battery

This one is important! While I do plan to see if my photographer can meet me in the hospital after delivery, I want to be sure we can document some of those first precious moments of our family. I packed my camera along with an extra memory card and battery just in case my current battery is low on charge or I happen to have my current memory card plugged into my computer.


Hospitals are known to be super dry so I made sure to pack both a tube of chapstick and Aquaphor to keep handy in case I start feeling like I am getting chapped lips.


You usually are not allowed to eat once you are admitted to the hospital but I heard you might be able to get away with sucking on a lollipop. So I had my hubby pack a container of lollipops in case I need a little mini dose of sugar.

Havianas Slim Flip Flops ($26)

Hospital floors… yuck. I packed flip flops to wear in the shower as well as on the way home. You never know how you are going to come to the hospital whether it be leaving your house, or out and about while your water breaks. This way the flipflops serve a dual purpose. Shower shoes and going home shoes. My one foot has been crazy swollen through the last weeks of pregnancy and I know you can swell after as well so it will be nice to have a pair of easy shoes to leave the hospital.

Ugg Scufette Slipper ($85)

This is more of a luxury item. My feet are always cold so the idea of having my own slippers to make me feel more at home is key.

Ingrid and Isabel Kimono Lounge Maternity Robe ($78)

Hospitals can be very cold so I wanted to pack a robe to wrap around my pajamas as an extra cozy layer after delivery.

Eberjey Giselle Pajamas ($120) + Nordstrom 'Moonlight' Nightshirt ($49)

I am bringing 2 different pairs of nursing pajamas with me. One sleep dress, and one pant set that both have buttons so they are easy to open for breastfeeding.

Boob Design 24/7 Bra ($55)

I am bringing this nursing/sleeping bra as I know this will be important for my comfort and to somewhat feel covered up in the not-so-modest world of hospital life.

Toiletries + light makeup

You never know how you will feel after giving birth, but what I do know is there is nothing like having your own shampoo and conditioner and body wash when you are away from home. Just that tiny little luxury from home can really be a big mood booster. I also packed some light makeup in case I want to freshen up for guests or for some of our first photos with baby. Again, I can’t tell you if I will use all of this, but just the idea of having it at my fingertips if I want to use it makes me feel more at ease.

Hats + swaddles for baby

Of course I brought along some of my favorite baby hats and swaddles to wrap up our little boy and snap some adorable first photos of him. Something about being surrounded by your favorite colors and soft fabrics. It’s the first chance I will get to dress up my little guy and I just can’t wait.

Essentials for baby

I have to be honest, I most definitely overpacked baby’s hospital bag but you know what, that’s ok. I packed at least two outfits .

Check out some of Kimberly's favorite M+A pieces for baby below!

1.On the Go One-Piece ($32) | 2. The Hospital Cuddle Box Plus ($149) |3. Short Sleeve Jack + Jill Bodysuit ($26) | 4. Short Sleeve Jack + Jill Bodysuit ($26) | 5. Short Sleeve Henley Bodysuit ($26) |6. Sweet Baby B Romper ($26)