As the founder and CEO of Fashion Mamas, a network for influential moms, Natalia Alcala has her finger on the pulse of all things motherhood. Now that she's just days away from welcoming her second child, that expertise is coming in handy — because the mama has made her (hospital bag packing) list and checked it twice. She had everything packed and ready to go weeks ahead of her early August due date, and now she can focus on the most exciting part: Meeting her baby girl.


Natalie, who lives in LA with her husband and three-year-old son, Diego, will be taking a slightly different approach this time around. ' more self-care items,' she said of her upcoming delivery. 'Last time I brought a lot for the new baby when I should have brought more for myself for post-delivery healing.'

One thing she won't be packing? 'A breastfeeding pillow! My son hated it so I just used a regular pillow and I plan to do the same this time,' she said.

Natalie's advice for fellow mamas is simple. 'Don't leave the recovery room until you've asked the nurse every single question,' she shared. 'Don't be shy about it either. That's why they're there for! Don't be hasty about leaving because once you're released from the hospital, you are really on your own. Also, make sure your bag is big enough to fit all the freebies, like diapers (for baby AND you)!'

Howl and Rose

Luckily, this mama managed to find a bag that would house all her essentials. Here's what she'll have on hand when she delivers her baby girl — and why she chose each piece.1.FridaBaby MomWasher ($15.99) | 2. White marble duffel bag ($65) | 3. Tatcha cleanser ($48) |4. Nipple and lip balm ($28) | 5. Silk robe ($198) | 6. Nursing pads ($11.99)

Society 6 White Marble Duffel Bag ($65)

'I wanted a big, roomy bag this time around since I only brought a small weekender bag when I delivered my son — it was a tight fit. This bag comfortably fits all of my hospital essentials, and I love the chic marble print.

STORQ Everyday Bra ($42)

I have small boobs so I'm used to only wearing bralettes, but I need the extra support when I start breastfeeding again. This bra is comfortable, cute, and fits my minimal style.

Boody Classic Bikini Underwear ($9.95)

No granny panties here; I love this eco-friendly underwear for its full coverage postpartum.

Cozy Black Socks ($10.10)

The hospital floor is super cold, so I like to bring a few pairs of simple socks to wear when I'm in bed or roaming around the room.

FridaBaby 'Fridet' Mom Washer ($15.99)

A modern take on the often-sterile-looking peri bottle they give you at the hospital. The Fridet will keep me nice and fresh in my lady parts to ease the delivery healing process.

Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Cloths ($18)

To immediately feel refreshed post-delivery, I'm going to swipe my face with a few of these cloths. They smell amazing and effortlessly remove dirt and sweat. I love these travel-friendly face wipes so much.

Preserve Toothbrush ($3)

I know that after the baby comes, I will want to freshen up as best as I can before visitors arrive. I love this eco-friendly toothbrush, and bought a new one just for the occasion so my home one can just stay in our bathroom.

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste ($6.49)

This is the only toothpaste my husband and I use, and I love that it now comes in a travel size. It's fluoride-free, vegan and cruelty-free, with no artificial colors, flavors, or carrageenan.

Tatcha Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil ($48)

Once I'm settled into the recovery room, I'll spend a little more time hydrated my face by using my favorite oil cleanser.

Cocokind Rosewater Facial Toner ($17) and Chia Face Oil ($16)

Next, I'll use my go-to toner and moisturizer to complete the skincare routine. I do this at home as well.

Zoe Organics Refresh Oil ($11.95)

I plan on using this oil for my pulse points to keep me calm during such an overwhelming experience.

HATCH Nipple + Lip Balm ($28)

Once I start nursing (hopefully my 'liquid gold' for baby arrives while I'm still at the hospital! I know that my nips will start getting pretty sore, so this balm is going to save me.

Bundlebliss Disposable Nursing Pads ($11.99)

My nips will definitely start leaking too, so I'll place these pads inside my STORQ bra to stay nice and dry in-between feedings.

Helena Quinn Silk Robe ($165)

When our baby photographer arrives, I'll change into my Helena Quinn robe to elevate the moment, because I know inside I'll still be feeling like a hot mess! All of Helena Quinn's pieces instantly make you feel pulled together.

Parasol Silky & Dry Femme Pads ($50 per box)

Those first few hours, days, and weeks postpartum leave you leaking down there, so I'll be using these pads to stay dry.

Parasol Diapers ($84 per box)

I used these diapers when I had my son, so I'm excited to continue the love with my new baby. They're super soft and I love the modern prints.

Monica + Andy Top Knot Cap ($13)

My baby's godmother gifted this to me, and I instantly knew that it would be one of the first things that baby girl will wear. I love the print and that it matches with the Parasol leaf palm diapers! (Perfect coincidence).

A family portrait

One of the best tips I received regarding getting my son acclimated with the new baby is to make sure that the first thing he sees when he visits the recovery room is a portrait of just me, him, and his daddy. No new baby in the picture because we want to remind him that we will always cherish the times that it was only us three. We are now inviting a new being into our life, and it's also a gift for him. I will not be holding the new baby when my son arrives; instead, I will have the baby in the bassinet and will gently ask my son if he would like to meet his baby sister. If he's ready, we will then go over to see the baby and hold her together.

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