As the clock ticks down to the arrival of your little one, time is of the essence. You’re preparing your cozy nursery for your baby to snuggle into, getting your nursery organization checklist prepared, stocking up on household essentials, and curating the cutest collection of baby clothing and accessories.

Between folding baby clothes and outlining your birth plan is the perfect time for a dedicated occasion to celebrate one of the most special and rewarding occasions—welcoming a baby into your life. 

Typically, we recommend throwing a baby shower before your due date. Not only is this a wonderful way to honor the big change you’re about to undergo, but it’s also the perfect time for friends and family to gather before the delivery, show their emotional support, and fulfill your baby shower registry.

Read on for more inspiration on top baby shower ideas, baby shower decorations, baby gifts, and more!  

At What Month Should You Have a Baby Shower?

When to have a baby shower is up to you, but most mothers choose a day that falls about 1 to 2 months out from their delivery date. However, you can throw your baby shower at any time that suits your schedule. 

If you do choose to host your baby shower during the third trimester, we suggest giving yourself ample time before you’re due to minimize any challenges that may appear in the last weeks of pregnancy.

While you may want to show off your 9-month belly and curated nursery, your body will undergo many changes during your baby’s final weeks in your womb. As such, you may want to give yourself plenty of me-time in the weeks leading up to your baby’s arrival. 

(You’ll likely experience fatigue from a lack of sleep, heartburn, and the need to go to the bathroom more frequently.1)

You'll also probably notice that your baby will become a lot more active as your due date draws nearer. By the third trimester, you can expect to feel them kicking and squirming multiple times every day—which can be quite the welcomed distraction!2

That said, when planning your baby shower, new parents will often create a baby shower checklist to get organized; but you’ll also want to consider several factors, such as:

  • A guest list of close family, friends, and work acquaintances 
  • How far guests will have to travel, and when they’re available
  • Baby shower etiquette, religious or cultural customs you want to integrate into your celebration
  • A baby shower theme, and if you plan to get baby shower favors, invitations, and decorations
  • The gift registry and options for your guests
  • The host’s availability, if you’re hosting the party at a loved one’s home
  • The baby shower venue you plan to hold the shower and availability
  • When to send the baby shower invitation to your guests
  • The possibility of having a virtual baby shower instead due to changing lockdowns and COVID-19 health protocols

Be sure to set aside time upfront to discuss the details with anyone helping to plan the event. And remember: This day is about you and your baby. Your priority will lie in finding a date that is neither too early nor too late in your pregnancy, and fits into your schedule in a stress-free way.

Explore top baby essentials and add them to your customized baby registry. Create Baby Registry!

Everything to Know About Your Baby Shower Registry

Bringing up a baby can be an expensive albeit incredibly exciting affair. You’ll need supplies to care for, clean, and feed your newest little addition, and a universal baby registry is a perfect opportunity for friends and family to support the expectant mom in their circle. 

Because, let’s face it—no one wants to head out on diaper runs just after giving birth! Gifts will keep you well-stocked in those early days when you’ll want to spend all your time tending to your little one. 

You may also want to include gift ideas that:

  • Show your family personality – Choosing the exact gear and clothing your newborn will use is a fun way to rock the family character when you’re in the home and out and about. Don’t want to shower your baby in pink? Add neutral garb to the registry. Love to spend summers hiking the trails? Pick out an adorable windbreaker, sun hat, or baby hiking backpack.
  • Start conversations – Setting aside time at the baby shower for gifts is a fantastic way to get people to share tips and tricks. For instance, opening a diaper bag could lead to a conversation among guests about easy hacks for changing diapers. You’ll end the day with new baby essentials and valuable ideas from other moms.
  • Include all guests – People are going to show up with presents. All a registry does is remove the guesswork by pointing them in the direction of things you’ll actually use and enjoy. Our suggestion is to make sure you add stuff at various price points. Some of your loved ones will want to nab a big-ticket item, while others may want to assemble a little gift basket with several smaller gifts.

What to Add to Your Baby Shower Registry

There’s no right answer to what to include on your baby shower registry. Think broadly and include everything from everyday necessities (like diapers, bathing products, and lotion) to splurge items like cribs, car seats, and carriers. 

With that said, let’s look at our top gift ideas to add to your list.

#1 Stroller 

This one is major. Taking the baby out for walks is one of your go-to ways to stay in touch with friends, get some exercise, and acclimate your child to their new neighborhood environment. Shop our curated collection of strollers HERE!

Remember: There’s no harm in putting a more expensive item on the list. Just make sure you test it first to be sure you’re asking for a stroller you know you’ll love.

#2 Car Seat

Bring your baby home in style in a top-of-the-line car seat that prioritizes your little one’s comfort and safety. 

In general, look for the following in a car seat:

  • Safety features – A newborn car seat should be rear-facing and feature advanced safety features like a snug harness, an energy-absorbing metal load leg, and EPP foam for impact protection.
  • Durability – A car seat should be sturdy yet lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Comfort – Ensure the inside of the car seat is plush for optimal coziness. 

#3 One-Pieces, Rompers, & Body Suits

Easy to put on and take off, they’re also just so darn cute. One-piece clothing items will be your friend, particularly in those early days when you're often hitting the changing table.  

Many newborns have sensitive skin, so look for newborn clothes made from organic cotton.

#4 Swaddles

Studies show that swaddles actually help babies achieve better sleep, which is reason enough to always have one on hand.3

We recommend taking time to pick out a cotton swaddle specifically for the moment you bring your little one home from the hospital. This will be a keepsake you’ll treasure forever, and it’ll make their first journey home much more comfortable.

#5 Burp Cloths

Take it from us: You can never have enough of these. Plus, the perfect print can help make those spit-up moments just a little more adorable.

Seek out burp cloths made from sustainably sourced, soft fabrics to ensure your baby’s skin stays silky soft for months to come. 

#6 Diapers

This one’s a no-brainer! Did you know that the average baby will go through between 2,500 and 3,000 diapers in their first year alone?4 

That’s why we think you should start stocking up as soon as possible. 

Psst: Many diaper companies create seasonal patterns, which is a nice way to change things up when you’re feeling the fatigue from going through so many. You can also a diaper bag for babies on the go and a tote organizer to keep your bag nice and tidy. 

#7 Blankets

For those cold nights, you’ll want a warm blanket to wrap around your little one as you rock them to sleep. You may even want a coming-home blanket to usher in your newborn. 

Craft a blanket collection that speaks to comfort, and don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns. If your baby nursery theme is canopied by jungle murals and plush tigers, integrate an elephant-print blanket into the mix. Or brighten your baby’s world with sunny springtime prints. 

#7 Play Gym

When your baby reaches 9 months of age, they’ll be able to sit upright without any help.5 Prepare for this momentous occasion by adding a play gym to your registry.

Typically, play gyms are adorned with baby-friendly accessories like plush toys, teething cloths, batting rings, and mirrors for a day of fun.

Celebrate Your Baby’s Arrival with Monica + Andy

As an expectant parent, we know that you're excited to welcome your newborn into the world, and it's an occasion worth commemorating with delighted friends and family.

Whether you’re opting for a baby shower that salutes to 7 months of pregnancy or hosting a celebration within your second trimester, curating a registry that speaks to your unique needs as a mommy-to-be provides an opportunity for loved ones to support you during this new chapter. 

Sign up for a registry with us today. Just take a short-and-sweet survey, and we’ll help you create a registry that meets your needs. From newborn clothing + accessories to nursery must-haves and baby gear, we have it all. 

In addition to bundles of mom-approved favorites, we also offer resources to help you navigate pregnancy, manage your health, and prepare for the newest member of your family.

And, from all of us here at Monica + Andy, congratulations!


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