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How To Share Your Baby Registry

From picking out colors for the nursery to deciding on a name, preparing for a baby is a thrilling adventure. One of the most exciting parts? Building and figuring out what to put on a baby registry. As you add adorable, bibs, stuffed animals, and more baby essentials to your gift registry, the idea of dressing your little one, introducing them to new foods, and watching them discover their brand new world becomes that much more real. 

But as you build your registry, you may find yourself searching “how to share baby registry” or “how to send baby registry to friends.” You’re not alone. Baby registry etiquette is a real thing, and while it’s ultimately a celebration of the life you’re bringing into the world, it can be complicated to know the best way to share. 

That’s why we’ve designed this guide. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about baby registry etiquette, from when to send invitations to the best ways to share, with plenty of useful tips in between. So let’s get started.

When to Begin Sharing?

First things first: when should you begin sharing? How soon is too soon? It’s never technically too early to start, but many expecting parents send out the registry somewhere between 12 and 20 weeks into their pregnancy.1 You might opt to wait a bit longer, but that may put a little more pressure on your baby shower attendees to rush with their purchases.

When determining when to send out your registry, consider:

  • When you’re planning your baby shower
  • If you’re opting for in-person gift-giving
  • If anyone has begun asking for your registry

Usually, once you begin receiving requests for your registry, it’s best to try to finish your list and get it out to those who want it.

In terms of hard numbers, 3 weeks is considered more than an adequate amount of time between the registry reveal and the baby shower for all those invited to find their presents.2

Common Ways to Share Your Registry

For many, a registry is a big relief when it comes to gift buying. Instead of feeling stressed about finding the perfect baby gift, your guests can feel confident about their purchases when they know they’re buying precisely what you need and want for your new baby.

There’s no one way to share your registry, but rest assured that most people appreciate the notice and look forward to showering the expectant mother with gifts. The following are some of the most common ways to share your baby registry. 

With Your Baby Shower Invitations

While some purveyors of old-school etiquette would tell you it’s impolite to attach registry information to your shower invitations, that advice feels a little last century.3 Today, with the advent of digital registries and less strict etiquette expectations, there’s no reason you can’t include your registry together with your invites.

There are a few different ways of including your registry with your invites, such as:

  • On the bottom or back – After the location and date, you might find a space on your baby shower invitations to add registry information. For clarity, make sure there’s a little bit of space between the shower information and the registry information. It’s also best to keep the details clear and brief. 
  • Separate insert – If there’s no space on your invitations for registry info or you simply prefer to keep the information separate, you can create an insert and place it inside your invitations. This page can have its own unique decorative theme and be personalized however you’d like, as long as it lets everyone know where to find your registry. 

As you send out your invitations, you can also consider sending out your registry info as a separate piece of mail. Your guests might appreciate having two different letters to open, especially if your physical registry is an eye-catching page that fits the theme of your shower. There’s no reason not to have fun with it.

Through Your Family

Sometimes, it’s better to put someone else in charge of registry details. Once you’ve completed your registry, you may decide to share it with a single relative (or close friend) who can handle informing everyone else.

Traditionally, expectant parents who take this route give the responsibility to:

  • The mother’s mother – In the past, the expecting mother’s mother would take charge of the baby shower and the registry as well. Today, this is still common, and many friends and relatives may turn to the mother for information regarding the registry.
  • A close relative – Depending on your situation, it may be easier to put a sibling, cousin, or relative around your age in charge of your registry. They can pass on the information and act as your liaison for all things baby-shower-related. Just be sure to pay back the favor whenever you get a chance—perhaps by hosting their baby shower when the time comes.

With Digital Links

More likely than not, your registry is going to be online. The simplicity of picking and choosing baby items and the availability of diverse products makes digital registries the standard for any new mom and dad today. 

If you’re using a digital registry, why not fully embrace all that our 21st-century tech has to offer and share your registry digitally as well? A few ways to do this include:

  • Email – A digital e-vite is one of the most popular ways to get the word out about your registry. These invitations—delivered directly to inboxes—have the benefit of customization. You can design them to your exact specifications, or you can choose from pre-designed templates that fit a variety of tastes. 
  • Text – An easy way to let everyone know about your registry may be through a simple text with a link. You can personalize each text or create a group text. It may feel a little direct, but that can be an advantage to making sure everyone sees the information.
  • Website or blog – Do you regularly update your personal website or blog? If so, that may be a great way to let prospective parties know where to find your registry. Consider creating an entire blog around your pregnancy journey and include your registry information at the end.

Via Social Media

If you’re an active social media user, there’s no reason not to use your profiles as a way to inform your friends and family about your registry. Often, social media is the first and last place we look to for information about those in our lives, so share away.

When sharing your registry on social media you can opt to:

  • Make a post – Make a detailed post on your main accounts with links to your registry for all your friends and followers to discover. This can be a particularly good option for those with strong digital communities and regular interactions on social media. It’s sort of a “check-in” post but with some specific info.
  • Create a group – If you want your registry information shared with a more specific audience, you can create a specialized baby shower group on social media. With a group, you can share information and updates—including your registry—with those you’ve hand-selected.

What to Know When You Share Your Registry

After mailing, posting, or e-viting your baby shower guests to check out your registry, it’s helpful to keep a few things in mind:

  • Some people ignore registries – Remember, just because you made a registry doesn’t mean everyone will use it. It’s certainly not a requirement to follow the registry, and some people much prefer to give presents they’ve picked out themselves. While some may create hand-made blankets, others may offer you family heirlooms. Don’t be surprised if you receive unexpected baby items.
  • Cash is usually an option – Depending on where you’re registered, you may have an option to ask for cash. Even if you don’t, it’s not uncommon to receive a cash gift from friends and family. If someone hands you a heavy envelope, it might just be their way of saying congratulations.
  • You may receive gifts from those who don’t attend – The convenience of digital registries means that gifts can easily be purchased and shipped directly to your door. That way, out-of-town relatives or anyone with a prior commitment can still send you a present even if they can’t make it to your shower.

Keep track of the gifts you receive and who they’re from so you can personalize your thank you cards, and let everyone know their gifts were appreciated.

Share Something Beautiful with Monica + Andy

After figuring out how to create a baby registry and sharing it with your loved ones, you’ll feel even more prepared to welcome your child into the world. So, when you’re ready to get started on your registry adventure, take the first step with Monica + Andy.

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