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How to Plan a Baby Shower

How to Plan a Baby Shower

Taking the reins of a family member’s baby shower and donning the decorative title of shower host can be a hefty but rewarding responsibility. From finding the right baby shower theme decor to orchestrating every minute detail leading up to the big day, there are a host of factors to consider.

Whether this is your first rodeo with rattles and receiving blankets, or you’ve already been around the baby shower block a time or two, we’re here to lend a hand. Whenever there’s a baby on board, follow along with these tips on how to plan a baby shower that the mama-to-be will look back on and cherish for years to come.

What to Plan Two Months in Advance

An excellent time to begin planning the fundamentals and baby shower planning checklist are when the guest of honor is approximately five months pregnant. That gives you two months to organize everything before the baby shower, starting with the basics:

#1 Decide the Date and Time

Baby showers typically occur when the guest of honor is about seven months pregnant, but it’s helpful to speak with the mama-to-be regarding a date and time that works best for them.

Why seven months?

By then, they’re often the proud owner of a picture-perfect bump but not so far along that they can’t comfortably enjoy socializing with shower guests. This time frame also gives them enough time to organize their baby gifts at home, so they’re ready to be put to use whenever they bring home their bundle of joy.

#2 Choose a Theme

From a safari excursion to a fusion of florals,1 there are endless baby shower themes to choose from. Some shower hosts choose to surprise the guest of honor, while others consult her to pinpoint exactly what she’s looking for in terms of a motif.

Here are some popular baby shower themes to spark your creativity:

  • Nautical – Beach-loving mamas will surely love this classic blue-and-white-striped affair, complete with sailboats, whales, & anchors—oh my!
  • Baby elephants – It’s hard to find an animal more adorable than a doe-eyed, big-eared elephant. They make for cute invites and preciously decorated cookies (plus, they’re ideal for a gender-neutral baby shower theme).
  • Seasonal – Hosting a shower in the spring? Florals are an excellent way to embrace the colorful, flower-filled season. Conversely, if you’re hosting in the winter, consider busting out the silver glitter and giant snowflakes for a winter-themed event. When it comes to seasonal-themed showers, the sky’s the limit.
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#3 Determine The Number of Guests

Knowing the total number of guests can help you determine your budget and give you an idea of how to allocate it towards different aspects of the shower, like your venue, shower baby shower decorations, & what food to add to the menu.

For example, if you’re hosting 20 guests and have a $1,000 budget, you might find that you can splurge on the venue or menu (or both). However, hosting 50 guests on a $500 budget might mean that you’ll have to embrace your thrifty, DIY side to get the most bang for your buck.

#4 Choose a Venue

With a guest list and budget in place, you can begin jotting down a short list of venues you’re interested in. A limited number of guests leaves room for the possibility of hosting at someone’s house, whereas a more robust guest list might benefit from a larger venue, such as:2

  • A community center
  • The mama-to-be’s favorite restaurant
  • An outdoor space, like a botanical garden or a family member’s backyard

What to Plan Five Weeks in Advance

With the basics covered, you’re rewarded with a few weeks of downtime before organizing the following shower details:

#1 Make Sure Mom-To-Be Completes a Baby Registry

Curating a gift registry allows the future mom to list exactly what she and her baby will need—down to the number of newborn one pieces she wants (and in what color).

From big to small, some popular must-have items on registries include:

  • Diapers (one can never have too many)
  • Baby bottles
  • Nursing pillow
  • Bibs
  • Car seat
  • Baby bathtub
  • Stroller
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Crib

Our baby registry is tailored to her specific needs and allows her to add nursery must haves  from any online store. And because we know crafting a registry can be daunting, we’ve created a personalized quiz that allows moms to receive a suggested list of items we think will be most useful for their growing family. Easy peasy.

#2 Send Out Invitations

It’s essential to send out your invites five to six weeks before the shower. This gives guests ample time to RSVP after they receive their baby shower invitation and make arrangements for their own little ones if needed. Whether you send invites online or mail them the old-fashioned way, be sure to include items like:

  • The date
  • The time
  • The venue’s address
  • A link to the baby registry

#3 Create a Menu

Whether mama is craving tacos at all hours of the day or she only has eyes for sweet treats, there’s no shortage of creative ways to make your shower menu delectable from start to finish.

Here are a couple of different ways to come up with a menu that fits your budget—and pairs with your guest of honor’s palate:

  • Create a menu of small plates – From a donut wall and cupcakes to a DIY taco station and fresh taquitos, crafting a menu of handheld snacks allows guests to try a variety of foods without filling up on a single course.
  • Hire a caterer to do the thinking for you – If your to-do list feels cramped, consider hiring a caterer to plan the menu down to the tiniest of details. You won’t have to worry about what sides and sippers to pair with pork tamales—the caterer’s got you covered.

What to Plan Three Weeks in Advance

As you continue crossing off the days to the baby shower, it’s time to finalize the finer details of the shower:

#1 Buy On-Theme Decor

Is it really a baby shower if there aren’t any festive baby shower decorations? Apart from balloons shaped like pacifiers and baby bottles, you can also shop for items tailored to the shower’s theme.

In addition to purchasing cutlery and plates that coordinate with your theme’s colors, focus on the more nuanced details, like adding creative kitschy accessories at each table that complement the motif.

#2 Find Fun Shower Games to Play

Before you dive into the rabbit hole that is baby shower games (trust us, it can go deep), consult the guest of honor to determine if they’re the kind of person who enjoys playing Guess Who? with guests’ old baby photos or if they’d prefer to stick to food and fun in the form of conversation and photos.

If they’re up for a rousing game (or three), here are a couple of our favorites:

  • Bobbing for pacifiers – This game will be sure to loosen everyone up at the start of the shindig. Plus, for those concerned with the cleanliness of this classic game, we’ve got you covered. Gone are the days of bobbing for apples (erm, pacifiers) in one communicable bucket. Instead, each willing participant receives a separate bowl for bobbing.
  • Baby shower trivia – Weeknight trivia fans will rejoice when you announce that it’s time for baby shower trivia. All you’ll need for this fan fave is a list of questions about the expectant parents (that they’ll answer beforehand). When it’s time to play, you’ll ask the questions aloud as guests write down their guesses about each parent. The guest with the correct answers wins!

#3 Purchase Shower Favors for Guests

Providing guests with a parting gift is a kind way to thank everyone for taking the time to come and celebrate the mama-to-be. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of sure-to-impress baby shower ideas:

  • Organic lip balm
  • Nail polish
  • Handmade soaps
  • Scented candles
  • Succulents

#4 Craft a Baby Shower Agenda

As the designated cruise director of the shower, it’s up to you to make sure each activity flows seamlessly from one to the next and that everyone (especially the guest of honor) is having a fabulous time.

Some hosts start the shower with an icebreaker game to give everyone a chance to mingle in a fun and collaborative way. Others start with appetizers before moving on to shower gifts and games. You can craft an agenda in any order you like as long as it encompasses the shower’s key activities, like:

  • Games
  • Gifts
  • Food and drinks

Create the Ultimate Baby Registry with Monica + Andy

Orchestrating an unforgettable baby shower may involve a large dose of precise baby shower planning, but the moment you see the excited gleam in her eyes when she walks in makes it all worth it.

Monica + Andy is here to support the mama-to-be throughout every part of her journey into motherhood—starting with pregnancy.  While gearing up for her baby’s arrival, she can curate her own personalized baby registry that covers every item—down to the very last pacifier.

When her registry’s complete, you can browse Monica + Andy for the perfect gift—and happily check one item off of your shower to-do list.


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