Newborn in winter clothes

Introducing a newborn baby to the world feels both magical and gratifying at any time of year. There’s nothing like watching them interact with the world around them for the first time ever. However, when the world starts icing over, you’ll need to ensure you have your winter newborn essentials at the ready.

Prioritizing winter wear proves integral in keeping your baby happy, healthy, and most of all, warm. Whether on a chilly outdoor excursion to see the snow or playing in the nursery, your baby should feel safe, comfortable, and perfectly toasty.

Luckily, we’ve got a baby-approved checklist to ensure your little one gets the most out of this snowy season and you are fully equipped when it comes to how to dress your baby for the snow.

#1 Indoor Basics for Winter Newborns

Preparing for your baby’s first new year? Babies (especially newborns) require extra care in keeping their bodies at a comfortable temperature due to their size and their little body’s lack of ability to self-regulate.1 They can lose body heat rapidly, so it’s vital to invest in clothing that will provide them with flexibility, comfort, and warmth.

While keeping your baby warm inside the house during winter is critical, you don’t need quite as many layers indoors as you may when outdoors (more on that later). As long as the indoors remain at a baby-appropriate temperature (between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit),2 they should feel at ease. Some absolute essentials for winter include:

  • Full-coverage pajamas – Take naptime to a whole new level with baby pajamas. This garment provides warmth to your baby's core and feet, so you don't have to fuss with socks and separates.
  • BodysuitsBodysuits are one of the most important baby travel essentials. They provide lightweight, breathable coverage to keep your newborn feeling comfortable and cozy without feeling stifled.
  • Long-sleeve shirtsLong-sleeved shirts are an excellent option for keeping your baby’s upper half warm. Look for ones made of soft, breathable fabrics like organic cotton. Shirts that fit close to the skin and have a little stretch will layer underneath warmer layers later on.
  • Leggings – Mix and match these with your long-sleeved shirts, or add as an extra layer to warm their legs under dresses. Leggings tend to be a little stretchy and extra comfy—ideal for all those newborn wiggles.
  • Toasty socks – Don’t forget to keep their toes warm, too. These baby crew socks feature grips on the bottom that will be appreciated once your newborn starts using those feet to go places.
  • Mittens – If you're expecting an extra chilly night, dress your baby in sleep mittens to ensure their fingers don't become chilly (and to keep them from scratching).

While you can certainly add more winter accessories to this list, these items are absolute essentials as you start shopping for baby clothes (or putting together your baby shower wish list). With these wintertime staples by your side, you and your newborn can take the snowy world by storm. After naptime, of course.

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#2 A Warm and Comfy Winter Coat

Babies require more warmth than we do—so if it’s cold enough for you to require a winter coat, they likely need it even more. Even for quick trips outside, throwing on a bunting or an insulated jacket over their existing layers is wise. You could also wear your baby in a carrier for additional body heat.

When the snow and wind chills arrive, baby jackets are a must for the outdoors. However, it’s important to not keep their coats on inside the car. Bulky coats can interfere with seatbelt safety, as they add a layer between your baby and their harness.3

Instead, preheat the car before entering and take the jacket off before putting them in their car seat. Then, strap them safely into their car seat and lay the coat on top of the harness until you’ve arrived at your destination.

#3 Extra Layers for Outdoor Explorations

Some say there's nothing as exciting as the season's first snow. Clearly, these people haven't witnessed a newborn reacting to snow for the first time.

If you're not willing to miss this magical moment, make sure to employ these tactics before stepping outside:

  • Extra layers – Not to sound like a broken record, but this one can’t be understated. Babies require more layers than we do to maintain body heat. For a solid combination, stick to bodysuits or long johns topped with long-sleeved shirts and sweatpants. Finish the whole thing off with a puffy winter jacket.
  • Accessories to keep every part of them covered – Hats, mittens, and fuzzy socks don't just look adorable – they serve an essential function. Babies can lose heat4 from just exposure to cold air. Therefore, keeping your baby's hands, feet, ears, and head warm help the rest of their body function properly.
  • Keep them dry – Residual wetness in your baby's clothing can make them feel even colder. Combat this issue by opting for water-resistant clothes for outerwear and frequently checking their diaper.

While warm clothes prove essential, it's still possible to go a little overboard. Check in regularly to ensure your baby isn't displaying any signs of overheating, such as red, hot cheeks, quick breathing, or irritable behavior.5

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