Simon Huck is the cofounder of emergency preparedness brand JUDY and I am so excited to have him as a guest on The Mentor Files! Having spent 18 months preparing to launch his new business, Simon was coming from his successful public relations firm Command Entertainment Group and felt a need to use his connections and skills to help change the world.

Having talked with many of his friends and family, he realized that even talking about emergency preparedness was almost taboo, despite its necessity and life-saving potential. Simon launched JUDY in January of this year, not knowing what was in store for the world weeks later.

Listen in as Simon talks about what inspired JUDY, how his previous PR business helped him with his new one, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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"60% of American families have no emergency plan in place at all." - Simon Huck

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"My greatest achievement with JUDY has been doing this with someone else." - Simon Huck