Cynthia Rowley on The Mentor Files with Monica Royer

Famed designer Cynthia Rowley is perhaps most well known for her namesake clothing brand. However, since she launched her label in 1983, she has expanded from clothing into everything from home furnishings and tech accessories to surfing apparel. A true artist at heart, Cynthia is constantly innovating, networking, and paving the way in the fashion world. Did you know she was one of the first designers to do a collaboration with Target?

Listen in as Monica and Cynthia talk about choosing the right partners to collaborate, starting a network from scratch, how to stay relevant with your brand in an ever-evolving industry, supporting other female entrepreneurs and how to motivate employees. They also discuss what they've given up along the way to achieve success and how to balance being a parent and entrepreneur.

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“Do internships. Talk to people. Ask questions. Meet people.” - Cynthia Rowley

Show Notes:

  • Cynthia’s idyllic upbringing outside of Chicago
  • Why you should take on internships and ask questions
  • How long it took Cynthia to realize her business was going to be a success
  • How to stay relevant and evolve
  • What was behind the decision to expand the brand to other categories
  • The decision to collaborate with Target
  • Why you have to set an example for your team
  • The role of the digital space in running a business
  • Cynthia’s advice for new business owners
  • How to balance being a parent and an entrepreneur
  • What do you have to give up in order to achieve success

“The attraction was the creative process and being able to have an idea and see it to fruition.” - Cynthia Rowley

Links Mentioned:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | CuRious Candy | Cynthia Rowley

“For anyone who wants to start a company, it’s never been easier: you don’t need a store, you don’t even need an office space.” - Cynthia Rowley