Katia Beauchamp on The Mentor Files with Monica Royer

In 2010, Katia Beauchamp started Birchbox and revolutionized the way we shop for beauty products. The subscription-based company now has over 1 million global subscribers and has managed to stay relevant in the ever-growing market for subscription services and in the digital retail world.

Listen in as Katia explains why she thinks one of the biggest opportunities in the consumer space is to tap into what she calls 'passive consumption.' She also chats with Monica about word of mouth marketing, raising capital as a female entrepreneur and explains how cold emailing can help you get ahead regardless of your business or industry.

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“If we're not eyes wide open and embracing how quickly things are changing, we will become irrelevant.' - Katia Beauchamp

Show Notes:

  • Why Katia started Birchbox
  • The “Try, Learn, & Buy” model
  • The blank space the Katia’s business aimed to fill
  • What is passive consumption, and what opportunities does it provide
  • How to stay relevant
  • What it means to be a consumer company
  • The first steps of marketing and launching Birchbox
  • The value of word of mouth marketing
  • When was the tipping point of success
  • How to find the right investors

“Subscription is a form of admission: they’re letting us refill them every month and trusting that there will be value.” - Katia Beauchamp

Links Mentioned:

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  • Get a new wardrobe with Stitch Fix
  • Connect with Katia:

Instagram | Twitter | Birchbox

“Our vision is to be powerfully relevant through deep respect.” - Katia Beauchamp