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The Mentor files is a different type of podcast. This is not a podcast to showcase one-on-one interviews, rather it is meant to be a platform for listeners to “eavesdrop” in on private conversations with my closest advisors and mentors.

When I launched Monica + Andy, everything about me was pretty average except for the great group of advisors I had cheering me on. Learning from a true mentor is not a one-time conversation. It’s a series of conversations—the culmination of which hopefully takes you and your business to the next level. After speaking with other fledgling entrepreneurs, I realized we were all looking for the same thing—answers! So this podcast is my chance to pay it forward and share the priceless insight and advice I receive each week. The difference between good advice and bad advice in business can be the difference between life and death.

My advisors and mentors are sharing some of their secrets to success with me and therefore with you. We’ll talk about everything from fundraising to team building and your digital spend. Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, thinking about starting a business or just looking to listen in on some fascinating conversations, I hope you’ll download The Mentor Files and learn with me.

P.S. If I sound nervous on some of these it’s because I am! These people are like legends to me. A big thank you to everyone who agreed to let me share their advice and insights with all of you.

Episode 1: Andy Dunn, The Founder of Bonobos

For the first episode, I’m interviewing one of my favorite humans on earth: My brother Andy Dunn. The offspring of an immigrant mother who bucked tradition to marry our dad (he is not Indian, like our mother), we grew up feeling different from the other kids. This difference was our common bond and it made us that much closer.

Andy founded Bonobos in 2007 with the goal of providing men with better fitting pants. In the past ten years, the brand has grown to become a premier destination for men’s clothing. Along the way, Andy and his team have revolutionized the modern retail industry by providing a digital-first shopping experience. Not surprisingly, a lot of other brands have taken notice and followed suit (no pun intended).

Andy was a true pioneer in digital and his advice and guidance have been instrumental in Monica + Andy's growth. Listen in to this first episode for some great advice from Andy, including what five qualities to look for in employees as you’re building your team, and whether there really is such a thing as an expert (and if you should hire them).

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'I really think it's unfortunate that it looks like the entrepreneur is responsible for their success, when in reality it's the people around them that are equally if not more responsible.' - Andy Dunn

Andy Dunn Interview Notes:

  • The benefits and challenges of working with your siblings
  • Why it’s important to have a support system
  • The difficulty of being an entrepreneur
  • How to carry your message through the people you recruit
  • Why an employee’s passion and fit are more important than their experience
  • How to instill your core values in your team and business
  • The value of reflecting on your achievements
  • How having a family can help balance your life
  • Why all good things come with some bad, and vice versa
  • What harsh criticism means for your business
  • What makes you an expert
  • Best practices for raising capital

'Being an entrepreneur is half living a dream and half living a nightmare.' - Andy Dunn

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'At every turn I feel like my job has been to bring on more and more people who can support me. It's like constructing scaffolding and that scaffolding enables you to build the building.' - Andy Dunn