Meet new mom Breianna Hawkins. And then just try not to oooh and ahhh over her adorable newborn babies. (That’s right, she’s got two of them!) Breianna opened up to us about her journey to pregnancy and some unexpected complications during her C-section. Spoiler/happy ending alert: she and the babies are doing great!

What was the best baby-related advice you received before your baby was born?
To sleep when they sleep….which I have followed all of about 2 times. But it is great advice I just wish I could follow it more.

What were you most nervous about before the birth
Their health and well being. With 2 of them it upped the anxiety factor for me on things that could go wrong. I was nervous all of the time if I was doing everything right to make sure they came out healthy. My brain never turned off- was I providing enough nutrients to them, was I sleeping the right way, the list goes on and on.

What were you most excited about before the birth?
We had been trying to have these little miracles for 4 years. So when we got the news after our 3rd transfer (they were conceived via IVF) all I could think about was becoming a mom and being able to finally hold them in my arms. It was something I had prayed for and the thought of it was hard to hold back the excitement as the time got closer. I would say the second thing I was most excited about was to see what they looked like!

Did you have a birth plan—why or why not?
No I did not, I think because of my journey through infertility and the complete unknown with all of that I have learned that you can't really plan anything. It has taught me patience and that really anything can happen. So I was fine leaving our plan up to whatever needed to happen to get them out safe and healthy.

Did you find out the genders of the twins?
Yes we did! I wanted to find out because the twin factor was surprise enough for me. I wanted to have a further connection with them during pregnancy. It made me a little more at peace. I knew Baby A was a boy and Baby B was a girl and I would be able to picture what they were going to be like and that calmed me. I would not have been able to deal with the suspense of waiting to find out.

What surprised you most about the birth?
How fast it all happens. My babies were born via c-section and the time they numbed me to when they were born was so fast! I remember saying to my husband “did they already start” and he just laughed and said “yeah,our little boy is about to be here.”

Tell us one moment from the birth experience that sticks out in your mind.
I had a really really tumultuous delivery so there's a lot that sticks out in my mind. Due to massive blood loss from an artery being hit during the c-section, I ended up having 7 blood transfusions, 2 additional procedures, 10 hours in 2 separate operating rooms, and it all ended with 3 days in the ICU and an almost emergency hysterectomy. I wasn't able to hold or meet my babies for 3 days, so what I kept replaying in my head to make me happy was those first couple seconds of when they were born and I got to see their beautiful faces.


What has surprised you most about new motherhood?
The amount of love you can have for them. It's a new and different kind of love. I knew I would love them, but I never knew you could literally be bursting with love so much that it brings you to tears just looking at them.

What is one thing you wish you knew before your baby was born that you know now.
That when people say it goes by so fast, believe them!! I can't believe they're already 6 weeks. It's easy to get so overwhelmed with everything going on in your day that you forget to really take in the moments and slow down to appreciate them.

What is your greatest wish for your baby's future?
That they grow up to be happy, confident, passionate and independent people. With an emphasis on HAPPY and their form of happiness can mean whatever it means to them.


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