Afton Vechery on The Mentor Files Podcast with Monica Royer

Meet Afton Vechery, cofounder of Modern Fertility, a women's health company focused on making fertility information more easily accessible. When Afton considered starting her own family, she felt that she was totally alone in the process without support and information to help guide her decisions. After some research and seeing that there was a severe shortage of fertility clinics across the United States, Afton committed herself to getting women the information they deserve.

Modern Fertility, started in late 2016, has since been named Fast Company's #1 most innovative health care company in the world. Listen in to learn how Afton serves her customers, how she decided on her funding strategy, and where she sees the company headed in the future.

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'We really started the company as a fertility information company. We felt that the conversation around fertility was very reactive as opposed to proactive.' - Afton Vechery

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'We track so many things in our lives, yet we leave this whole part of our lives, our potential future family, to chance.' - Afton Vechery