In just three years, Alyce Tran has turned The Daily Edited, an affordable luxury accessories line, into a global company with stores in the U.S., Singapore and Australia.

On today's show, Alyce talks about the expansion of the company — including the recent sale of a 30% stake in her company for $4.5 million - and the growing pains that come with that kind of growth. Monica and Alyce also discuss how to maintain company culture across an international company, the personal cost of running a business and TDE’s social media strategy.

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'In this day and age you need to have a fresh outlook because I don't think, in any industry, previous rules apply.'- Alyce Tran

Show Notes:

  • What is The Daily Edited (TDE)
  • What it was like expanding from Australia to the U.S.
  • How social media helped them build their international customer base
  • Why they decided to do free international shipping
  • How they built personalization into their timeline
  • The brand evolved from a blog to accessories
  • The challenges of growing a business quickly
  • Why TDE had to open stores
  • What the mall atmosphere is like in Australia
  • What is Alyce's involvement in the brand visuals
  • How Alyce cashed out of the business
  • The transition from her previous career to focusing on TDE
  • How to maintain a company culture across an international company
  • The personal cost of running a business

'We have been building an Instagram following, and I feel like that's how we got international consumers.' - Alyce Tran

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'We were doing things because they were meant to be fun, and we were like, 'Well we're not having fun,' so we wound that down.' - Alyce Tran