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Our guest today on The Mentor Files is Amanda Zuckerman, cofounder of Dormify. When Amanda and her mother Karen Zuckerman were shopping for Amanda's freshman dorm room they had trouble finding dorm decor as stylish and sophisticated as Amanda desired, a problem her peers were running into as well. After spending a lot of time, going from store to store, Amanda and Karen realized there wasn't a one-stop destination for dorm room shopping. From here, the mother-daughter duo created a vision for Dormify, which has since developed into the reputable commerce and content brand it is today.

Since they started in 2011, Amanda and Dormify have taken DTC to the next level, expanding their product line to meet the need for young girls looking to personalize their environment in a new place. Listen in to learn how Amanda cofounded Dormify with her mom, the unfair advantages this gave her, and what she learned along the way.

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'Energy and networking is a huge part of my success.' - Amanda Zuckerman

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'Learning as you go is the best way to learn.' - Amanda Zuckerman