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Jessica Herrin was on a mission when she set out to create the direct sales accessory company, Stella & Dot. For her, it wasn’t as much about the product she wanted to create, but rather a movement. At the time, Herrin had already launched a wedding gift registry site which sold to The Knot for $78 million. She balanced being a mom of two daughters as she worked tirelessly to build her second company. From there, it was clear to her that she wanted to create a company that would empower and provide entrepreneurship opportunities for the modern woman.

Fourteen years after launching, Stella & Dot has paid more than $300 million in commissions to more than 50,000 stylists and Herrin has been named by Forbes as one of America’s Richest Self Made Women.

In this episode, Herrin fills us in on why she stopped trying to do it all and why women need to make a change and stop feeling guilty about their choices(“mom guilt” anyone?). She also discusses the importance of being soulfully connected to your work, how to get started building a business when you don’t have the right mentors and the importance of acting as your own venture capitalist. Herrin also shares what she calls “The 6 P’s of the Entrepreneurial Spirit” to achieve success in business and lives a happy life. More on that can be found in her latest book, Finding the Extraordinary (which we highly recommend!).

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“Often times when you have the biggest struggles, it’s your greatest opportunity.” - Jessica Herrin

Show Notes:

  • Jessica’s decision to leave Stanford Business School
  • Failure is the middle not the end
  • How entrepreneurs can find their path
  • What are Jessica’s Six Ps to success: Passion + Path + Positivity + People + Perseverance + Productivity
  • Why you need to have a plan B
  • Jessica’s advice for raising capital
  • Why you can’t be emotionally attached
  • Why the workforce is shifting
  • The importance of having focused time
  • How her perspective on being a CEO has changed
  • Why you have to give yourself permission to not do it all

“You have to be willing to do things you don’t like, do them longer than you want to, and persist in order to make anything of substance and value real.” - Jessica Herrin

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“I didn’t want to start a business, I wanted to start a mission and a movement and a life that I loved.” - Jessica Herrin