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Ariane Goldman had already left her job in corporate America and found success as the founder of twobirds Bridesmaids when she discovered a “white space” in the marketplace: She was pregnant and seeking out brands that seemed to understand her and the life stage she was in— and when she couldn’t find one, she decided to create it.

That’s how HATCH, a wildly popular direct-to-consumer maternity brand, well...hatched. Today HATCH is a powerhouse in the motherhood space, with celebrities and influencers among its fans. The brand is known for producing fashion-forward apparel that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy, as well as its newer lineup of personal care products.

HATCH’s road to success wasn’t without challenges, but Ariane has positioned the brand at the forefront of a movement to celebrate every woman’s road to motherhood. On this episode, Ariane opened up about the challenges of building a team, how she balances her career as a founder alongside her role as a mom, and the one thing that helps her stay present on her most stressful days.

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'When was born in my arms, it really inspired me to try and solve this need. If I was looking for something, there must have been so many women out there also looking for it.' - Ariane Goldman

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'I'm starting to have a love affair with my mistakes, because I don't know where I would be without them.' - Ariane Goldman