Bianca Gates on The Mentor Files Podcast with Monica Royer

In the four years since Birdies launched, they have become a staple in Meghan Markle’s wardrobe, have had waitlists 30 thousand people long and have raised around $10 million in funding. Today, Birdies is disrupting the footwear industry, merging the style customers want with the comfort that they need.

Birdies Co-Founder and CEO, Bianca Gates is a first generation American and grew up in San Francisco. She first started her career as an account executive at Univision. In 2011, she happen to catch a commencement speech from Sheryl Sandberg which inspired her to apply for a job at Facebook. After 6 months of interviewing, she landed the job. The relationship she grew with Sheryl was a huge stepping stone to starting birdies.

Today, Bianca reveals the biggest lessons learned as CEO and how radical candor has changed her business for the better.

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'I've always been obsessed with finding a comfortable solution for the entertaining space of the home.' - Bianca Gates

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'The heart and soul of Birdies is helping women soar and reach their potential.' - Bianca Gates