Brad Kopitz on The Mentor Files with Monica Royer

Brad Kopitz knows the power of a photo album. As the CEO of Artifact Uprising, a digitally native company that provides printed photo goods, he understands the value of high quality, good design, and thoughtfully sourced materials. And, it has paid off. When the company launched in 2012 more than 7,000 people visited their site in the first day. Within the first 18 months, Artifact Uprising was a multi-million dollar company.

Brad first joined the brand as an early investor, but shortly after he became chief revenue office, followed by chief operating officer, and ultimately is now CEO.

In his conversation with Monica today, Brad chats about his moves within in the company, why print is definitely not dead, and the operational side of a modern company making beautiful products.

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'We try to empower people to bring their most meaningful photos and moments to life in a beautiful way.' - Brad Kopitz

Show Notes:

  • What is Artifact Uprising
  • Why you need to go back and look at your photos
  • How to deal with the pressure to make the perfect photo book
  • Where the name Artifact Uprising came from
  • What sets their brand apart
  • How Brad joined the company
  • How people first found out about the company
  • What the operational side of Artifact Uprising is like
  • How they have stayed relevant
  • The importance of retention in addition to acquisition
  • Why you should try a long term approach
  • What the company's size and culture is like
  • How having a child has changed Brad's perspective

'If you're going to say out loud that you're the best and that you make a product that's amazing, you really need to deliver on that.' - Brad Kopitz

Links Mentioned:

'You have to build your retention funnel before you build your acquisition funnel.' - Brad Kopitz