Have you ever stopped to think about how many meals kids eat? Weelicious founder Catherine McCord certainly has.

“When you start to realize that what it means to be a parent is that you are cooking 21 meals plus snacks per child for 18 years,” she says during the new episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer. “And it’s this horrible, overwhelming feeling!”

All too often, parents share with Catherine that their meals are met with “It’s gross. I don’t want this.” And as a parent herself, Catherine has been there. But with Weelicious, her mission is to share easy, healthy, real food recipes that are simple—and successful in kids’ books.

In this fun episode that will actually inspire you to whip up dinner for the family, Monica and Catherine discuss mealtime strategies, Catherine’s personal routine, her favorite kitchen appliances, and more. (Pro tip: Let the small kitchen appliances work their magic!)

Plus, as the entrepreneur behind two businesses and the author of four cookbooks, Catherine shares her business-building insights—even when it involves some less-enjoyable work. “I really have found a balance because I really love much of what I do, but I always tell my kids, ‘Sometimes Mommy has homework too.’”

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“I want people to feel good about the food they’re cooking and eating.” — Catherine McCord, Weelicious