If you're a mom or dad, you probably have one of today's guest's products in your home (and if you don't, you might wish you did)! Chelsea Hirschhorn is the president and CEO of Fridababy, a solutions based brand committed to making parents' lives easier by offering revolutionary products to safely and easily tackle common baby issues at home.

Fridababy products are sold in 30,000 stores across the country and last year alone sold more than 2 million of their signature product The NoseFrida.

In this episode. Chelsea shares the story behind the creation of the company and her unique perspective on marketing tactics (Hint: focusing on Instagram and influencers isn’t one of them!). Chelsea also reveals how she grew the business so quickly and the inspiration behind her wildly successful products.

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'Building and marketing a brand in the social media era with products that require two hands and no iPhone in sight is one of our biggest challenges.' - Chelsea Hirschhorn

Show Notes:

  • Frida Baby is the best friend that no parent has
  • How their tagline represents their brand
  • The R&D and production process for Fridababy
  • How Fridababy started
  • Why you should think about the channel that you can own
  • Designing packaging for attention and recognition
  • How to commercialize from an idea
  • Selling online versus selling retail
  • How she markets the product
  • What the Fridababy team looks like
  • What it's like working with her husband

'Keeping the team nimble and empowering them with the autonomy to move the ball forward has given us that speed-to-market advantage.' - Chelsea Hirschhorn

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'There reaches a point in scaling a business that a bunch of smart people in a room can solve or work their way through any problem.' - Chelsea Hirschhorn