happy pregnant couple in front of a Christmas tree

There’s something magical about Christmas; spending time with your loved ones, finding the perfectly-sized tree to decorate, and drinking hot cocoa by the fire. And this year will be even more exciting since you have the most precious gift of all to share with everyone—the fact that you’re expecting a baby!

The question is, how do you announce a pregnancy for Christmas in a creative way? Sure, you could opt for the traditional Christmas card pregnancy announcement, or you could do your pregnancy reveal the fun way—the Monica + Andy way.

Whether you’re searching for something simple yet festive or something a little more extravagant, stick with us as we run through our top nine Christmas pregnancy announcements ideas that’ll have your whole family bursting with joy for your present-in-the-making.

#1 Elf on a Shelf Announcement

You’re probably familiar with this kid-friendly Christmas phenomenon that’s taken households by storm: A few of Santa’s handy helpers come in during the Christmas season to keep an eye on the children (while sneaking around each night and wreaking a little innocent havoc around the house).

This year, why not take advantage of this fun tradition, grab your very own elves, and incorporate them into your pregnancy announcement?

Once you have your elves in hand, you’ll need to decide how they’ll manage to unwrap the big news to your family and friends. Here are a few naughty (but nice) ideas for the ultimate Elf on the shelf Christmas pregnancy announcement:

  • Buy a special pregnant Elf on the Shelf. Whether she’s eating ice cream, pickles, or simply relaxing next to an announcement she’s expecting, she’ll surely take everyone by surprise!
  • Keep it simple with an elf posed next to your first sonogram—it’s easy, exciting, and festive for the holidays. Chef’s kiss!

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#2 Hannukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa One-Piece Announcement

Many couples opt for the traditional baby one-piece pregnancy announcement—and with good reason! Holiday-themed infant one-pieces are easy to finagle, and you can use them to share the news in a few different ways, including:

  • Take a photo of the one-piece, and share the announcement through social media.
  • Turn your photo of the one-piece into this year’s holiday card, and send it out to friends and family.
  • Buy multiple one-pieces and wrap them as Christmas gifts. It’s surely the best gift your family members receive all year.

From “Your gift is on layaway” to “Our greatest Christmas gift is arriving in July,” there are plenty of holiday-themed newborn one-pieces you can find to share the news of your pregnancy.

#3 Holiday-Themed Picnic Announcement

If you’re looking to create a pregnancy announcement photo that really sets the Christmas scene, consider finding a festive place to have a holiday picnic and photoshoot, like a Christmas tree farm or a park lined with Christmas lights.

Include a few holiday staples in your picnic photos, such as:

  • Candy canes
  • Wrapped gifts
  • Mugs with hot chocolate

Sticking with the holiday theme, try to find a chalkboard with a snow-colored border to write out when everyone can expect your little one to make their grand entrance. You might also want to include “Baby” and your last name.

Once you’ve acquired all of your picnic ingredients, all that’s missing is you and your partner dressed for the holiday occasion and ready to make your big baby announcement.

#4 Santa’s Hat and Boots

Santa always did bring the best gifts, right? Let Santa be the bearer of great things yet again with a pregnancy announcement brought to your loved ones directly from the bearded man himself.

This announcement involves a little prep work, but it’s so-ho-ho worth it:

  • Step 1 – Find a pair of black or brown baby booties (something Santa would be proud of).
  • Step 2 – This is where you bring a bit of personalization into the mix. Find a small business that will monogram something special on a Santa hat, like “It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Baby Coming June 2023”.
  • Step 3 – Use your sonogram to complete the announcement. Place it next to the hat and booties, and snap a few photos until you’ve found the winner.
  • Step 4 – Send it to your family and friends via social media or a holiday card, and voila! Santa’s best gift yet.

#5 Baby Bump Present Announcement

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again—there aren’t many gifts that top a pregnancy announcement. And that’s exactly what makes you the perfect present—or rather, your bump, to be more precise.

That’s right! It’s time to turn your baby bump into the ultimate present, waiting to be unwrapped.

For the ultimate holiday card, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Wear holiday-themed attire – You and your partner can coordinate what colors you want to wear in your photo. For yourself, we recommend sticking to one or two colors to attain the “my bump is the present” look. A red or green bodycon dress is an excellent choice.
  • Buy an extravagant gold or silver bow – Since your bump is the gift, have a large Christmas bow on your belly.
  • Take your photos – It’s picture time! Don’t forget to grab your sonogram for the photos, and give the photographer your best 100-watt smiles.

Another reason to smile about this pregnancy announcement idea? It’s quick and easy (and very original).

#6 Santa-Inspired Sonogram Announcement

You can’t beat the classic sonogram pregnancy announcement…unless you decide to add a little Christmas cheer to the ultrasound photo via some easy editing apps.

In addition to including the usual “Merry Christmas” in red and green letters on the ultrasound, you can also add a few jolly little illustrations, such as:

  • Santa hats (right on top of your little nugget’s noggin!)
  • Snowflakes
  • Christmas lights
  • Reindeer
  • Christmas presents

#7 Christmas Ornament Announcement

Give your family a gift they can use year after year with a pregnancy announcement ornament. Every December, as they place it gingerly on the tree, they can reminisce on the moment they found out you were adding another branch to your family tree.

Plus, when it comes to pregnancy announcement ornaments, there are a variety of styles to choose from depending on your preference, including:

  • Storks – Let a stork come as the bringer of good news (and babies). Choose an ornament adorned with a stork preparing to deliver your little one, accompanied by your due date.
  • Christmas stockings – Picture this: Two larger stockings with your initials hung next to a baby-sized stocking, with “We’re adding another stocking to our mantel.” It doesn’t get much cuter than that.
  • Baby pajamas – Find the perfect footie pajama-shaped ornament, and customize it with your baby’s due date and last name.

#8 Baby’s First Christmas Book Announcement

For close family members, consider surprising them with news of your pregnancy with a children’s book about the upcoming holiday. Then, inside the front cover of the book, place a copy of your sonogram (in case they don’t immediately understand why you’d buy them a holiday-themed children’s book).

#9 Christmas-Themed Pregnancy Announcement T-shirts

Whether you’re going to a family Christmas party or you’re looking for the quintessential theme for your holiday cards, consider finding matching pregnancy announcement t-shirts that you and your partner can both wear to emphasize your holiday spirit—and the news of your baby!

Another plus of this cute idea? You can keep the t-shirts and reminiscence about your baby announcement for years to come.

When Should You Make Your Pregnancy Announcement?

Seeing that first positive pregnancy test result can bring a feeling of complete elation for yourself and your partner. You might want to quite literally shout from the rooftops that you’re pregnant so that everyone within earshot knows you’re a proud mama bear.

While most people don’t actually follow through with that initial thought, they do wonder how long they should wait until they make their pregnancy announcement.

Although there’s no hard and fast rule regarding when to let everyone know, many doctors recommend waiting until you’re past your first trimester—around 12 or 13 weeks—since it’s after this time that your risk of a miscarriage decreases significantly.

That being said, you should tell your family and friends when you’re ready—whether it’s the day you find out or once you’ve reached the second trimester. Regardless of the date, it’s sure to be a thrilling and memorable time for you, your partner, and everyone you share it with.

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