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Starting your first business is hard, and making it in an already saturated market is even harder. With the deck stacked against you, what can you do to raise your chances of success? Listen in as guest Craig Elbert, CEO of direct-to-consumer vitamin brand Care/Of, explains the strategy that elevated his company above the rest.

Care/Of makes personalized vitamin and supplements packs that arrive at your doorstep each month—an idea that stemmed from a frustrating retail experience Elbert had one day while trying to buy prenatal vitamins for his wife. Elbert drew on his experience as an early Bonobos team member to fix his vitamin problem, and explains how smart market research, technology, strategic recruiting, and clever business principles brought momentum to his digitally native brand.

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' came out of an experience of shopping for vitamins and supplements and finding it to be overwhelming, confusing, and at times manipulative. I really just wanted to make it easier for customers to figure out what's right for them.' - Craig Elbert

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'Even when we did our beta version and I was sourcing stuff myself, I could tell that people were just going to take advantage of me if I didn't have somebody who knew the supply side of things.' - Craig Elbert