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As the youngest of three siblings, Dana Gordon was always looking to tag along on her family member's adventures. But the one person she always wanted to shadow was her dad, a diamond cutter by trade. Her experiences with her dad inspired her to start her own jewelry line at the age of 16, running everything herself with no outside help. Little did she know that years later, her work would be featured worldwide.

Our guest today is Dana Gordon, founder of Dana Rebecca Designs, a jewelry brand that designs pieces that inspire women and helps to celebrate all of their major milestones, celebrations, and everyday moments. Her business was founded in 2007 on the simple, but important idea that your jewelry should make you feel as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt and as amazing as your little black dress. As a third-generation jeweler, Dana's travels and the special connection to the women in her life inspire each and every piece.

I have been good friends with Dana for many years, and I am so excited for you to hear her story on today's episode. Listen in to learn why Dana Gordon believes that laughter is so important in your business, and the importance of recognizing your own successes.

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'It's very important to make sure your kids understand what you do every day, whether they go into that line of work or not.' - Dana Gordon

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'Everything that happens from growth is because of mistakes.' - Dana Gordon