Even if you know what you want to do with your life, the actual journey is bound to be interesting. Look at Dr. Sonya Bhole, a radiologist with Northwestern Medicine, who was impressively accepted into medical school at the age of 17. Even though that set her on a great career path, many unexpected events and meetings helped Sonya truly blossom into her purpose.

In a new episode of The Mentor Files, host Monica Royer and Sonya talk about the parallels between entrepreneurship and medicine, the importance of collaboration, and keeping yourself open to unlikely sources of inspiration.

“Inspiration is everywhere,” Sonya says. “I thought I was supposed to look up to the higher attendings or the higher residents for inspiration, but it’s amazing. I’m inspired by my kids, I’m inspired by people at the grocery store. You never know when that spark of inspiration is going to come.”

And while there is so much to take away from the great discussion between friends, one important takeaway from Sonya is this: “Every month is breast cancer awareness month, so make sure you are getting your mammograms if you are of age.”

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“That team-building is really what sustains you because you have that team of people rallying around you” — Dr. Sonya Bhole