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48 Eunice Byun - The Co-Founder of Material on Becoming an Efficient CEO

48 Eunice Byun - The Co-Founder of Material on Becoming an Efficient CEO

Eunice Byun had just given birth to her daughter—and started a full-time job in digital marketing at Revlon—when she cooked up her idea for Material, a direct-to-consumer kitchenware company that’s bringing sleek, affordable tools to the modern home cook. Less than seven-months-old, Material’s quickly become a favorite among foodie influencers and has gotten the nod from publications like The New York Times, Fast Company, and MyDomaine, to name a few.

Byun’s untraditional path to launching her business is full of unique insights and creative solutions—listen in as she explains why moonlighting on her passion project while working full-time helped her avoid second-guessing her instincts, the power and expertise great investors can bring to your business, and what she learned from her past gigs about influencers and word-of-mouth buzz that helped her create a more compelling brand story. Also on deck: a raw conversation about the challenges entrepreneurship poses for working moms.

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' really stems from growing up in a family that loved to eat and celebrated life through food and how that brought all of us together.' - Eunice Byun

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'I think I would have been a horrible CEO if I was doing it fresh out of school, and I think a lot of it came down to understanding what matters and what doesn't.' - Eunice Byun

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