Gender-Neutral Nursery

Whether your baby’s gender will be a surprise or you want to defy the traditions of pink vs. blue, you may have considered ditching the gender norms when it comes to your baby’s nursery.

Gender-neutral nursery themes can be a superb way to prepare for any baby, regardless of gender—or to simply create an open environment where your child can grow. Fortunately, creating a gender-neutral space where you can care for your baby isn’t difficult. It just takes a little know-how—and plenty of adorable options.

So, how can you plan and design a gender-neutral nursery? Aside from the individual items you'll need, having a theme can help you plan a nursery design that’s cohesive and cute.

#1 Serenity Nursery

There’s nothing gender-specific about a quiet, peaceful, and soothing nursery. That’s why a Serenity Nursery makes our list of the best gender-neutral nursery themes.

Featuring clean lines, soft, neutral colors, and a design approach that centers on mindfulness and intentionality, this theme is ideal for parents who prize tranquility.

Essentially, this serene space adapts the hallmarks of classic-contemporary design elements for a clean, spare environment. It also shuns clutter in favor of leaving room for the things that really matter, like spending quality time with your little one.

The good news is that even first-time nursery designers and home improvement novices can easily accomplish this theme. The main goal is to opt for serenity over surplus.

When you’re designing your Serenity Nursery, go for:

  • Neutral colors – The first step to a serene baby room is to choose a neutral color palette. Go for warm whites and creams, soft beiges, and lush grays. If you’d like a touch more color, you can also opt for a slightly tinted gray with green, blue, or lavender undertones.
  • Clean lines – Long, interrupted, rectilinear lines can help to imbue this design with a sense of peaceful calm.1 Embrace clean lines in your nursery by going easy on furniture that hides your baseboards and opting for smooth, uncluttered surfaces.
  • Hints of textures, patterns, and shapes –Although this theme aligns closely with minimalism, that doesn’t mean you can’t add interesting elements. Try floor rugs with simple geometric patterns, upholstered chairs and ottomans, and table and floor lamps. As long as you aim for simplicity and clean lines, these are all easy ways to bring visual and tactile texture into your serene design scheme.
  • Light personal touches – The relationship between you and your child is deeply personal, so don’t be afraid to add your own touches to your nursery. Whether you opt for family photos, a framed copy of their baby footprints, or diagrams of your baby’s zodiac sign, personal elements can add heaps of sweetness and meaning to this nursery theme.

One fantastic part of the Serenity Nursery theme is that you can easily adapt and redesign it as your child grows and develops their own tastes and interests. So, once they start to favor dinosaurs instead of teething toys, it will still be relatively easy to adapt your theme without starting from scratch.


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#2 Stargazer

Exploring our galaxies and solar systems is open to any gender—just ask Sally Ride, the first woman to visit outer space.2

But even if your little one doesn’t grow up to become one of their generation’s foremost space explorers, you can still pique their celestial curiosity with the Stargazer theme.

The best part? You don’t have to go to astronomical lengths to recreate this theme. Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

  • Night sky ceiling mural –Bring the wonders of the solar system right into your nursery by painting a mural of the night sky on the ceiling. You can incorporate constellations, planets, and other marvels to teach your little one about the universe as they grow. If you don’t want to make it permanent, you can also buy a set of stick-on stars.
  • Astronomical color palette – Rich royal blues, moonlight grays, and beige tones can help you to evoke the magic of the Milky Way. If you opt for dark blue walls with star and moon decals, you can keep things light with the furniture, like the Babyletto 3-Drawer Dresser Changer in white or gray.
  • Sky-themed accents –From lamps that resemble the moon to linens printed with shooting stars to star rattles, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate the night sky into your decorating scheme.

When it comes to gender-neutral nursery ideas, this theme is simply out of this world.

#3 Jungle Safari Adventure

If you’re looking for gender-neutral nursery themes that trade the final frontier for the jungle wilds, you can’t go wrong with the Jungle Safari Adventure theme. This theme offers an exciting environment for all your little adventurer’s first explorations.

The Jungle Safari Adventure theme joins simple design elements like neutral colors and natural materials with the flora and fauna of safari life. Here are a few ideas to spark your adventure:

  • Natural hues –Where color is concerned, opt for light, neutral hues on the walls and natural woods, whites, and leathers for your furniture. The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in a natural wood tone and the Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker in tan leather are perfect options for transforming your nursery into an authentic safari lodge.
  • Adventurous accent walls –If you want to go all-in on this theme, you may be ready to feature a detailed safari-themed mural on one wall. But if you’re looking for something a little more reserved, White Elephant Wallpaper is on-theme without being ostentatious.
  • Safari details –Tiny details make a big difference when it comes to a well-executed nursery theme. Complete your safari adventure by including wilderness details in your nursery decor, like the Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase or the Lorena Canals Tassels Basket. You can add further pizazz with stuffed lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and real or artificial plants. Top it all with safari mobiles and safari-themed art, and you’re on your way to having loads of fun with this theme.

#4 Deep Blue Sea

Is life better on land or under the sea? Some crabs and mermaids might argue the latter—and while we need our air up here on land, we can certainly see the appeal. The world beneath the waves is full of wonders, mysteries, and mystical creatures, which is why it’s such an excellent source of inspiration for a gender-neutral nursery theme.

Ready to dive in and turn your nursery into a captivating seascape? Here’s where to begin:

  • Oceanic colors –This is your opportunity to use a bright color in a bold and exciting way. Walls painted with watery blues and shades of turquoise are quintessential for a deep-sea aesthetic. But don’t shy away from bright corals, yellows, and oranges to evoke the vast array of underwater life. Choosing a white crib and changing table can add balance to your color scheme.
  • Sea shapes and lines –You can evoke the sea without resorting to overtly nautical prints or symbols. For example, a nursing chair in a seashell shape and coral reef color, like the Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider in blush pink, tells an underwater story in a subtle but effective way.
  • Seaside decor – From lifelike starfish to adorn the walls to art that features crustaceans, whales, and other swimming friends, you’re free to explore the deep end of decor.

#5 The World Traveler

It’ll be a few years before your wee one is trotting around the globe on their own. In the meantime, you can prime their interest in other places, people, and cultures by decking out the nursery in a World Traveler theme.

The World Traveler theme combines transportation and global cultures with geography. Airplanes, commuter trains, ocean liners, automobiles, and even hot air balloons all have a place in this decorating scheme. The same is true for all kinds of travel iconography, from globes to maps to time zone posters.

  • Culture clash –The World Traveler is an eclectic theme, so don’t hesitate to mix prints, patterns, and even design styles from all parts of the globe to reflect the diverse array of cultures our planet has to offer.
  • Have fun with furnitureModern nursery furniture is another opportunity to push the eclectic nature of this theme. You can mix pieces with an old-world appeal, like antique rocking chairs or dressers, with pieces that combine modern elegance and the convenience all parents crave, like the Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser.

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Maybe your little one will grow up to be a fearless explorer of seas or outer space. Perhaps they’ll travel the world or help spread serenity far and wide. No matter what their future holds, crafting a nurturing nursery theme is a fantastic way to support them as they grow.

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