Choosing a Nursery Rocking Chair

You’re going to log many many many hours in this chair, so you want to be sure it checks all the necessary boxes. Here’s what to consider before purchasing a glider for your nursery.

Rocker vs Glider: What’s the difference? A rocker moves in an arc, and a glider goes front to back on a stationery track. It’s a personal preference, so give them both a whirl.

Comfort: You’ll be feeding and rocking that baby on the regular at 3am, so comfort is paramount. Make sure there is enough seat padding, back/neck/head support, and comfortable armrests (both height and cushion). Pop a seat and give it a good, long test drive.

Durability: Spit up definitely happens! Is it slipcovered, so you can wash it? Or is the fabric stain resistant and wipes clean easily? It needs to be one of the two.

Width: Some nursing pillows are wide, you want to be able to sit comfortably in the chair with a nursing pillow on your lap.

Exiting: Make sure you can comfortably and safely get out of the chair with a sleeping baby in your arms. If it’s too deep, that could be a problem. Some chairs even have a locking mechanism to make getting up smoother and easier.

Bells & Whistles: Is there an extra cushion for lumbar support? Does it swivel a whole 360 degrees? Do you need the accompanying ottoman to be comfortable? Does it recline at all? Decide what features matter to you and purchase accordingly.

M+A Nursery Chair Picks

1. Babyletto Toco Swivel Glider

2. Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker

3. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider


4. Nursery Works Compass Rocker