Gray Malin on The Mentor Files Podcast with Monica Royer

Entrepreneur and photographer Gray Malin—who started by selling his art throughout LA flea markets, and now has worldwide distribution, along with collaborations with brands like AWAY suitcases—is a lesson in building your own luck. The founder of the Gray Malin lifestyle brand is best known for his inventive aerial beach, ski, and park scenes of some of the world’s most popular destinations, and since 2009 Malin's been changing the way we see and enjoy fine art throughout our lives.

Listen in to hear Malin describe why authenticity drives all of his decisions, the value he sees in collaboration, and the evolution of him and his business.

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'I have traveled the world to bring my wildest visions to life.' - Gray Malin

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'I've ended up creating a lifestyle brand introducing a whole world of how photography can live not only on your wall but in your life.' - Gray Malin